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Choosing an Apartment or a Flat in Accra for your Future

Living Room of an Apartment

Apartments have recently become a favourite property choice for many Ghanaians. The main reason people are choosing apartments as their homes is that they are usually less costly than houses. That is true to a certain degree but is not always the case. In fact, some of this property type in prime areas may cost more than houses in other areas.

The popularity of flats seems to be based on two varying circumstances.

Prices and Features of the Apartments for Rent in the Capital City

Moving to a Flat

Apartments in Accra come in a variety of prices depending mainly on the location of the property, number of bedrooms, and the extra features, which may be included in the offer.

Rent for apartments are usually charged on a monthly basis. However, most landlords will collect one or two year pre-paid rent plus some amount for security deposit, before allowing the tenant to move in. Some landlords lease their flats fully furnished with a host of other amenities, including backup generators, water reservoirs, satellite television, and Wi-Fi access. Apartments for rent usually start at around GH₵100 per month, depending on a location and can be as expensive as GH₵20,000 per month.

Most of the rental apartments in Accra are located in very convenient areas due to the numerous characteristics the city boasts of. These include quality roads, street and traffic lights, tree lined avenues, water and electricity, and various means of public transportation. These, coupled with an active nightlife and boosted by various forms of entertainment as well as numerous social and cultural attractions, make the city of Accra an enjoyable place to settle down!

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