Before building a home or commercial property there are some important things you need to take note of. Here they are:

  1. Land title: Before you start building on land, make sure you have the land title. Failure to acquire a land title means you do not get any monetary compensation when you have to forfeit the land. Make sure before you buy land you research to ensure that the land is not part of a communal trust. In other cases, the land belongs to another, so make sure to cover all grounds before making a purchase. 
  2. Financing: If you will be seeking a loan from a financial institution to begin construction works, note that they may require the following from you:
    1. A clear land title
    2. Obtain a valid life insurance
  3. Building permit: It is a legal requirement to have a building permit before you begin building. The consequence of putting up a structure without a permit range from monetary fines to the demolition of the property.
  4. Emergency precautions: Every home design, by law is to to have emergency exits in the event of fire or flood. Your builder is to include in the design, structural means to prevent fire.
  5. Completion: According to our research, builders by law are to certain timelines. The foundation and walls must be completed within two years from the date of getting the permit to build.
bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovation can be perceived as simple; replace the sink and change the tiles. Please if this what you think about bathroom renovations, banish that thought now! There is more to a bathroom renovation than meets the eye. Jumia House is here to help you renovate your bathroom by avoiding these common mistakes.

  1. No plan: Do not start bathroom renovations without having a plan. The bathroom is the room that needs to meticulously arranged. There are too many nicks in a bathroom to leave things to chance and whim. Every aspect of the bathroom needs to be incorporated into the redesign.
  2. Too many design elements: Avoid crowding the bathroom. Maximise the space you have. Ask yourself if you need two sinks? Is the bathroom big enough to have a bath or should you have a shower? There can only be one “star” in your bathroom. Not all your elements can be “stars”. That will make the space even more chaotic. The bathroom is naturally a chaotic space, your design should be able to mute the chaos.
  3. Storage: Storage is very essential. You need to think about the space to store your toiletries and towels. The thing with storage is that we think only of what we have we forget about guests. If you are the sort to have guests and they will share the bathroom with you, have storage space available. If not, your bathroom will look chaotic with things scattered on the counter and floor.
  4. Porous Material: The bathroom is a moist, wet room. Invest in surfaces that are impervious to moisture. If not your surfaces will swell and discolor over time. If you use wood in any part of your bathroom, be sure to have a protective seal over it.
  5. Being Trendy: Yes, we all like to stay on trend. The thing you need to keep in mind is that trends change. Designing a trendy bathroom means you need to be ready to renovate again in about a year or two. Our advice, stick to elegant and classic designs; it will ensure your bathroom has a broad appeal that lasts.

Fresh and clean – ideally, this is how we all want our bedroom smelling. It’s unfortunate though that over time some if not most bedroom loose this fresh smell. Below are some tips you could try to keep your room fresh:

  1. Windows: Open your windows to ensure your room well ventilated. If you are the type that who likes to close their window when in the bedroom, you can open the window when you are away. This will enable air to circulate in your room and give it a fresh smell.
  2. Wash your sheets: The skin on our body is constantly responding to changes to the environment to keep our body temperature balanced. These responses cause or skin to excrete fluids which over time cause our sheets to smell. This is turn gives our room a not so fresh smell. Change and wash your sheets at least every two weeks.
  3. Air freshener:  You can make use of air fresheners to give your room a nice fresh smell. This is handy when you quickly need to rid your room of foul smells.
  4. Carpet:  It is easy for most of us to go months without cleaning our carpets. The thing about our carpets in that, they tend to hold onto moisture and grunge from the bottom of our shoes. This affects the smell in a room. Be sure to expose your carpet to the sun and give it a good clean at least once a month.
buy a house

It is every young person’s dream to buy a house. When you reach a certain age it’s easy to jump into making a purchase due to various pressures. Here are three reasons why you should not buy a house just yet:

    1. Peer Pressure:  It’s normal to get pressured by society to own a home. These pressures come when you reach a certain age or when you plan to marry. Remember though, it is not the pressure of your friends and family that will pay for the home. You need to be in the right financial position to make such a move.
    2. Serial Relocator: Does your job not keep you in the same place for longer than six months to two years? If yes, then you need not buy a house. It’s better to rent in such a situation.
    3. Mortgage: You may not have enough money saved to buy a home but you qualify to get a mortgage. This isn’t reason enough to buy a house. It’s not a representation of your readiness to own a house. You need to think beyond the purchase of the home and think of the maintenance costs. If you have other debts getting a mortgage does not help your situation.

Before you make a move to buy a house, make sure you are financially stable to get the house. Make a list of the pros and cons of getting a home loan before you decide to move forward with that option.


It’s time to get your first property but you are stuck between to rent or to buy. You are not the first person to ponder over this. We at Jumia House have gathered some points to help you come to a decision relatively faster. Here they are:

  1. Think about how long you plan to stay in the area you have in mind. Renting a place is best for a short stay where as buying is for a rather permanent stay. Are you passing buy or do you plan to stay in the area indefinitely?
  2. You also have to know the amount of space you need. This will help you filter using factors such as price and number of people. Residential properties increase primarily per number of rooms. Whereas commercial properties by square meters.
  3. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend. Houses for sale are especially expensive and would not be a good idea for a low-income earner. Search on Jumia House and other property portals to get an idea of current market prices. This will help you come closer to deciding whether to rent or buy.
  4. With respect to commercial properties, such as office spaces, showrooms, and warehouses, buying is the best option. This is because commercial properties pricing is by its square meter. That would mean the price given multiplied by the space needed.

In a nutshell, the decision to rent or buy property depends on your current situation. Evaluate yourself, evaluate your environment and see which best suits you.


It is a popular trend now to have a double sink in the master bathroom. While aesthetically, it will give your bathroom a luxury look, do you really need two sinks? After reading this we hope you can come to a decision. Without much ado, here are some pointers to help you decide.


  1. If you’re the kind of couple that has to be out of the house by 6 am you save time. Gone are the moments of your lady hogging the sink and mirror above it to apply her make up. You can both use your respective sinks for your respective purposes. You no longer have to wait for the other person to finish what they are doing before you can use the sink.
  2. His and hers sinks gives you more storage space. There’s more room for makeup, hair dryers, toothbrushes and more. You’ll now be more organized and able to access items quickly. The extra space means your vanity will no longer look crowded.
  3. They fit any bathroom and come in different styles and look their best when they are identical.


  1. No need for two sinks if both of you like to go through your morning ritual privately. Double sinks, in this case, becomes a waste of money.
  2. Two sinks mean double mess. Beard stubble, hair strands and makeup spills in and around the sink.  One of you will have to spend time cleaning two sinks instead of one. If your side of the sink is clean and the other isn’t that’s a workspace you will need to be by till it’s clean
  3. If you’re single why do you need two sinks in your bedroom? Pointless right?
  4. Is getting two sinks feasible? Take into consideration the price, your budget and most importantly the size of your bathroom.


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