It’s a given that when you buy or rent a new home, you should change the locks. Aside from that, we have come up with six security measure we recommend you put in place to protect yourself and your home.

  1. Valuables: If possible do not keep valuables at home. If you must do not hide them in default places like under your bed or mattress. These are places that anyone who wants to rob you will check first. Preferable invest in a home safe and find an inconspicuous place to hide the safe.
  2. Windows: It’s a trend now among thieves to steal what is closest to the window. So, be sure not to keep your wallet, car keys or mobile phone next to the window. Keep everything hidden to deter the thief who spies into your home via a window.
  3. Strangers: Don’t allow people you do not know into your home. They may be thieves either coming to scout and identify the security flaws in your home. Especially keep an eye out for people who claim to work for government agencies.
  4. Lights: To deter strangers from entering your home, keep the light on to create the illusion of someone being home.Keep in mind that this security measure may impact your electricity consumption.
  5. Social Media: It’s tempting to want to show off on social media or even in public but be careful. You never know who is watching you and plotting behind the scenes. You definitely do not want a Kim Kardashian situation. Be as discreet as possible.
  6. Security: Overgrown shrubs serve as a hiding spot for thieves, ensure to trim them always. Invest in getting an electric fence but if it’s above your budget you can use broken glass for your walls. Light your home well for the night and most importantly lock your doors!

At certain times in our lives, there are restraints, either in time, resources or space. A small kitchen fits into the restraint of space. Jumia House has compiled ten ways you can make effective use of your kitchen space.

  1. Color: Clean light colors make any space appear bigger so be sure to paint your kitchen is neutral colors like white, pale green or pale blue.
  2. Walls: Your walls are also a part of your storage space. Install hooks on the walls and hang your utensils. Be sure to only hang pots and tools that you use frequently
  3. Ceiling Storage: Go to the ceiling with your storage. Wall cabinets are a great addition to your kitchen but make sure they get to the ceiling. This also means you need to invest in a step ladder. Put the pots and pans you don’t need frequently at the top.
  4. Natural light: If possible have a big window above the sink. The natural light can give the kitchen an added illusion of a big space.

    kitchen cupboard

    Photo Credit: Ideal Home

  5. Corners: Use the corners in your kitchen cleverly. What about a cupboard that can open at an angle? Just like in the image above. Smart right?
  6. Under the sink: Store your cleaners and other cleaning materials under the sink.
  7. Magnetic Strip: Why not get a magnetic strip to store your knives? After all, metal attracts metal.
  8. Organization: Organize your utensils by how you use them. Spices and oil can be on a shelf above your sink or even your plates can be above your sink. The way you choose to organize your kitchen goes a long way in making your space look big.
  9. Clean: Don’t leave dirty dishes lying around or in the sink. As soon as you are done eating or cooking wash the dishes
  10. Table: Instead of a table sitting in the middle of your kitchen and occupying space, get a folding table. When not in you can fold and tuck table into a corner. Smart? Right?

Spending time with your family is important. We at Jumia House believe you need to take time out to bond, relax and catch up. Preferably, out of the house and we’ve come up with five places you can visit with your family. Here they are:

  1. Kakum National park: For a feel of nature at its best, the Kakum National park is the place to be. Home to over 40 species of large mammals like Elephants, Buffalos and Meerkats; and about 250 species of birds, it gives an exciting “jungle-book” experience. The 30M high canopy walk is another part of the park that makes it intriguing. It gives a wider view of wildlife in the park and spans across several (1000) feet in length. For a weekend or overnight stay, there are basic campsites to add to the thrill of night ‘jungle’ life.
  2. La palm Kids Theme park: This theme park complete with boat rides is a great spot for your kids. Located right next to the main pool of the La Palm Royal Beach Resort, it provides safety and peace of mind to watch your kids play while you have some fun yourself.
  3. Lake Volta: Also known as the Volta lake, is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world and is located in the Volta region of Ghana. It offers a variety of cruising and watersports experiences including a waterfall view.
  4. Aburi Botanical garden: Located in the cool mountainous region of Akwapim-Togo, the Aburi Botanical garden is home to a special collection of ornamental plants, royal palms, and the biggest silk cotton tree in West Africa. The serenity of the garden attracts picnic lovers, nature-lovers, horticulturalists and the likes.
  5. Labadi Beach: One of the most popular beaches in the capital city of Accra. It offers a variety of entertainment tailored to meet the Family’s taste. With Table-tennis and Volleyball courts for the kids and sauna baths for the parents, it surely is a fun way for the whole family to relax.

Nancy Ewurum is a young and ambitious lady with a passion for creative writing and social entrepreneurship through software development. Currently enrolled in the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Accra, she writes in her spare time. You can connect with her on twitter.


The property market can get disheartening when you are looking for a home to rent on a tight budget. We found five properties that are move-in ready and below GHS 2,000. Some of these properties are even in prime areas like Trasacco and East Legon.

Executive 3 Bedroom House at Oyarifa

GHS 1,500


This property is within a gated community and the road leading to the property is tarred. It has a spacious compound with beautifully grown lawns. The rooms are tiled and come with built in wardrobes. The kitchen is fitted with modern cabinets. The property has access electricity and constant supply of water. For more properties at Oyarifa, click here.


Executive 2 Bedroom Apartment at Adenta

GHS 800


This property is perfect for those that love communal living. Roads that lead to this apartment are in good condition. The building is further secured with barbed wires. For other properties in Adenta click here.


2 Bedroom Apartment at East Legon -Adjiriganor

GHS 1,300


Located in the prime area of East Legon, this property is a steal at 1,300 Ghana Cedis. Located close to the Trasacco police station, the property features en-suite rooms as well as a dining and hall area. There is spacious parking as well as 24-hour security. View more properties at Adjirigano here.


Executive 3 Bedroom House at Ashongman Estate

GHS 1,000


All rooms in are ensuite. The property has a guest toilet as well as a fenced gate for security.  Visit Ashongman on Jumia House for more properties.

3 Bedroom Apartment at Adjiriganor

GHS 1,400


Same property as number 3 above but with three bedrooms. It has one master bedroom and the two remaining rooms share a bathroom. View the property here.

akka kappa

Akka Kappa is a real estate brokerage company that focuses on providing investors, corporates, individuals and organizations tailored services and excellent customer care service.

Established in 2016, Akka Kappa aims to be the market leader in the real estate industry. In just a year since it began its operations, Akka Kappa has made a name for itself as one of Ghana’s top luxury property solutions firm. Their current success is due to the hard work of the team, according to CEO Jolanda Castagna.

Jolanda moved to Ghana twenty-two years ago with over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing. While in Ghana she worked 8 years with a well-known real estate development firm and built a solid experience in real estate. Upon leaving she formed Akka Kappa and put together a team of four to revolutionize the Ghanaian real estate industry

Akka Kappa focuses on building long-lasting relationships with their clients. They believe the company is for all and not for one. With this mentality, the team works as one unit to deliver the best to their clients. With a total passion for connecting people with properties and an exceptional customer service track record, Akka Kappa was recently awarded the Trusted Seller badge on Jumia House. This is just another brick that makes Akka Kappa the market leader in the industry.

man cave

It’s a growing trend amongst millennial men to have their own private space in their homes. We don’t blame you. We totally understand the need to have your own sanctuary to retreat to. The sole purpose of a man cave is relaxation, gaming, and entertainment.

Every man cave deserves a design or theme. Settling on the design of a man cave is rather easy; just consider what you love.

The beauty of a man cave solely depends on creativity and to help with that, we at Jumia house have prepared a few brilliant ideas to help you design your own cave. After you have chosen your ideal theme, here are three amazing man cave inspirations:


  1. Entrance: Instead of the normal door, why not have a hidden door. Nothing says sanctuary better that an unmarked door. You can get a door-sized painting or picture.
  2. Locker room: Depending on which sports team you support, a replica of the team’s dressing room would bring out an amazing theme for your man cave. You could have player jerseys framed on the wall or painted as art right where they appear in the real dressing room. This together with a grass-green carpet would make you feel like you are at the stadium. This design will not be complete without a massive 4K HDTV and an amazing sound system. And do not forget the pool table and the gaming console.
  3. Music room: Are you a music lover? Do you collect all things music? Why not design a music inspired room. A music themed man cave would be the perfect place to store your music collections and other collectibles and that karaoke machine your wife won’t let you play. A music themed man cave will require you to soundproof your walls in case you are the type who loves to play loud music

Nancy Ewurum is a young and ambitious lady with a passion for creative writing and social entrepreneurship through software development. Currently enrolled in the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Accra, she writes in her spare time. You can connect with her on twitter.

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