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home inspection

Every home-seeker is in search of a haven, a house that can be a home. It, therefore, becomes a prerogative to make your choices based on what matters most to you.  Be it a house in a plush environment, a room with ample natural light or even a house with spacious bathrooms, inspection is the only way to be sure the house is what you really want. Waiving inspection or not asking the right questions is a mistake some people make. To avoid these, here are some reasons why you should never waive a home inspection when renting or buying a house.

  1. Damages: Cost of damages discovered after you have signed the property agreement will be borne by you. Sometimes, it could be a fault the landlord overlooked or he simply doesn’t want to fix damages, but it’s up to you to discover and report any damages before signing any property agreement to avoid paying for damages you didn’t incur.
  1. Real owner: Inspecting your potential home gives you the chance to know the real owner of the property and if you need to deal with them directly or not. Some house owners leave their property in the hands of a caretaker. Be sure to verify the real owners even if they are out of the country. This is to avoid dealing with fraudsters and impostors.
  1. Neighbors and Co-tenants: Proper inspection allows you to see your neighborhood; who your neighbors or co-tenants are, what your environment looks like if there are prominent people living in your neighborhood etc. Pictures are not enough to tell you what your neighborhood looks like and the only way to ensure it fits your taste is to visit. This helps you to avoid unsafe environments while enlightening you on the value of the house you are renting.
home rent

Searching for a home to rent in Ghana can be quite exhausting due to a number of factors. This is why Jumia House is here to enable you the home-seeker find a home without much stress. It is very easy to make mistakes you’d have to live with for the entire duration of your home rent. This especially applies if you are desperately looking for a house. When looking for a home, you do not rush the process else you would make some easily avoidable mistakes.

  1. Tenancy agreement: Go through every detail of your tenancy agreement as every word counts. The tenancy agreement is legally binding once you sign it, so make sure that you protect your interests in the document before you sign it.
  2. Viewing the house: Thoroughly inspect the house you want to rent before signing any agreement or putting down cash. This way you get to discover things that online pictures can’t show you such as the neighborhood or actual size of your storage for example.
  3. Property ownership: Before committing any form of finance to the house you want to rent, check that you are dealing with the genuine owner or caretaker of the property.
  4. Damages: When renting a place, take pictures of the state of the house to account for any damages before you move in. This is necessary to you avoid paying for damages you didn’t incur.
  5. Verbal agreements: Verbal agreements cannot be proved, therefore they are very unreliable. If you reach an agreement with your landlord, ensure that it reflects in your tenancy agreement.

While renting may seem scary, don’t panic as we have you covered on the choice rentals in Ghana. Just remember to check your house in person, read your tenancy agreement thoroughly and ask questions on areas you don’t understand before committing your money to it.

big bathroom

If your dream home includes a really large bathroom with space enough for a queen-sized bed and maybe a small boat; well good luck with that. Most real estate agents may skip the part about a big bathroom and if you really like the house, you may have to skip that dream of yours. Here are four ways to make your small bathroom appear bigger.

Mirrors: Setup a large mirror in your bathroom to give it that spacious feel. To get the optimum effect, place the mirror opposite a window and your bathroom will appear to have two windows. A big mirror that reaches the ceiling also helps to add that grand look to your bathroom. So go big on mirrors.

Lighting: Light up your bathroom with as much natural light as you can. Natural light makes the bathroom more desirable. If natural light is inadequate, you can put additional light fixtures to increase the brightness of your bathroom. Also painting the walls with the same color as the ceiling makes it feel spacious. White paint reflects light, so having an all-white wall and all white ceiling will definitely make your bathroom appear bigger.

Clear glass panel: Using tinted glass creates some sort of visual barrier. Use a clear glass in place of tinted ones to allow more light to filter through and help create the illusion of a bigger space.

Storage: Keep only the bare necessities in the bathroom. If you don’t need it there, it shouldn’t be there. Keep your storage cabinet as level with the walls as possible because anything that sticks out will appear to close up space. You can use recessed shelves in place of cabinets.

It takes just a few changes in your bathroom to give it that big open feel. This can also be applied in other rooms where you need more space.


It is said that in the event of a nuclear bomb, cockroaches will survive. While that may true, they are not the best insects to share your house with it. These tiny terrorists pick up germs and deposit them on uncovered food leading to food poisoning.  They like to feed on leftovers, hide in warm, dark places and can survive a week without their head. Pretty tough! But no worries as we bring you natural ways of getting rid of cockroaches in your home:

  1. Bay leaves:  To you, bay leaves smell great but to cockroaches, they are quite pungent which makes them great for repelling cockroaches. Place a bunch of bay leaves behind couches and appliances, near crevices and sinkholes or in cupboards to ward off cockroaches.
  2. Listerine: Your popular mouthwash can also serve as a cockroach repellent. Add water to a cup of Listerine and use it as a spray on nests or areas where you suspect they might be hiding.
  3. Garlic: Cockroaches cannot stand the smell of garlic mixed with pepper and onions.  A mixture of crushed garlic and onions, with dry pepper added to water, will force cockroaches out of your home. You can add liquid soap solution to this mixture and spray it the kitchen, bathroom and dark areas where they can be.
  4. Baking soda: Add some sugar to baking soda to lure the cockroaches. Sprinkle the mixture in infested areas. Once they eat the mixture, they will die as baking soda builds up gas in them and kills them slowly.
  5. Lemon: The smell of lemon is an irritant to these pesky insects. Simply add lemon juice to water used for cleaning your floors, kitchen tops, and bathroom cabinets. You can also mix water and lemon essential oil and use it as a spray on infested areas.



Most of us have carpets in our homes. You would notice though that over time it develops wrinkles and waves. Wrinkles and waves happen for a number of reasons. From man-made to the weather. Listed below are four cause of these wrinkles and waves as well as how to prevent them. Here they are:

  1. Poor installation: If your carpet was not properly stretched during installation, it could wrinkle after a short period of time.  To prevent this, stretch it firmly and secure with carpet grippers.
  2. Incorrect underlay: Wrinkling may occur because an improper material was used as an underlay the carpet. If the underlay is not dense enough to support the carpet, it allows excess flexibility, causing wrinkles.  To prevent this, always get an expert view on the type of underlay that goes with your carpet.
  3. Heavy items: Dragging heavy items across the carpet is another cause of wrinkles. The force exerted by dragging a heavy item can loosen the carpet strip and cause it wrinkle.  If you must drag a heavy item, use two sheets of plywood to do so. First, place one sheet on the carpet and drag the item till the end, then place the second sheet to touch the end point of the first plywood. Drag the item across the second sheet till the end and repeat the process.
  4. Humidity: High humidity can cause wrinkles. The latex in the carpet absorbs moisture causing it to swell and form wrinkles. The carpet may return to normal when the moisture level in the room returns to normal. To prevent this, run your air conditioner during the hot months.

Nancy Ewurum is a young and ambitious lady with a passion for creative writing and social entrepreneurship through software development. Previously at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Accra but now focusing on building her startup. She likes to write in her spare time. Connect with Nancy on Twitter.

new home

Congratulations! You just purchased or rented a new home. Now it’s time to tuck in, settle down and enjoy the luxury of a new house and new scenery. Inasmuch as you love your new house, you may want to change a few things that will suit your needs and turn that new house into a new home. We have a few suggestions to help you customize your new home.

  1. Kitchen: Being the heart of the home where you may be spending quality time with your family, you should as well prep it to represent your taste and style. Consider swapping outdated appliances for modern ones. You can also repaint or refinish your cabinets to give them a unique look. For more storage options you may want to get extra-tall upper cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling. This way you optimize all available storage space and won’t have to worry about dusting the tops.
  2. Lighting: Lighting should not be overlooked in your new-home upgrade as it adds to the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Promote energy-efficiency by swapping old bulbs for energy-saving ones. Focus on the light in the kitchen and bathroom as lighting can make tasks such as cooking and shaving easier.
  3. Energy-savers: Investing in fixtures that consume less energy saves you some electricity cost. Apart from light bulbs, some air-conditioning units and washing machines come with high-efficiency rates and are worth upgrading to.
  4. Electric outlets: It’s not surprising for some houses to have insufficient electric outlets or have then fixed in inconvenient places. Simply adding some electric outlets and in the right places e.g. bedside will make your home more enjoyable.

These upgrades are a good way to increase the value of your home and make it more attractive while improving the experience you enjoy. We advise that you add upgrades to your budget when planning for a new home.

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