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Dear Valued Agents, Developers, and Property Seekers

It has been an honor and a privilege serving you for the past four years. Before we officially sign off next week with our final newsletter, we want to take a moment and say thank you. Thank you for listing with us and searching with us since 2013.

Some weeks ago, we announced that Jumia House and meQasa have merged to create one go-to destination for property buyers, property renters, and real estate professionals. Serving you has been an honor for us and we have every confidence that the new meQasa will be able to scale and transform the way you buy, sell and rent property. We look forward to working with the meQasa team to ensure that the transition is smooth.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact customer service on 054 451 0009.

Thank you for buying, selling and renting with Jumia House over that past four years. We hope you’ve enjoyed the service we provided as much as we enjoyed serving you. Welcome to the new family, meQasa.com. We are now bigger, better and bringing you more choice in commercial and residential property in Ghana. Property search is now easier, faster, and better than ever before.


Jumia House Team.




By now you may have heard the Jumia House has merged with meQasa. Working with you our cherished clients has been a pleasure these past few years and we are happy with the successes we have achieved together through that period.

Together, Jumia House and meQasa become the most powerful real estate marketplace in Ghana. We’re sure your first question is how will this work and how will it affect your account? For now, not much will change. While your account and properties continue to run on Jumia House for the contracted period, you will be given a complimentary plan on meQasa.com‘s platform.

Here are a few concerns that we will like to address now:

  1. What happens to your account, listings, and leads from Jumia House? Your previous Jumia House account will be converted to a meQasa.com account. In this transition, you will not lose any data
  2. How long with the migration take? Migration of your account will be done progressively once the merger is through. Your listings are smoothly transferred along with all relevant stats from your previous Jumia House account. Depending on the bulk of your listings/data, it will be transferred in batches till the migration is complete. Likely within a week, everything should have been migrated.
  3. What changes to price are there? Pricing remains the same, the only difference is that now with our combined power you enjoy double the value of what you used to enjoy on Jumia House alone.
  4. What is the value we speak of? Your properties stand a chance of reaching over 140,000 people a month. This will give you the ultimate online marketing boost you need. Afterall, together Jumia House and meQasa can now deliver the best experience and service.

We can’t wait to introduce you to the meQasa.com family. Your account manager will be reaching out to you in the next few days to arrange an appointment to introduce you to the meQasa.com team and finalize your transition. You can give customer care a call on 054 451 0009 if you have more questions.

On behalf of the meQasa and Jumia House Teams, welcome to the new meQasa.com


We just went through 31 days of March and we must say it came with some interesting statistics. We see from the statistics the areas that our site visitors have the most interest in. If you are an agent or developer this data can influence decisions you make. Find below an infographic showing the top five most search for areas on Jumia House.


top area


Jumia House Ghana

Last month, Jumia House turned two! Today, we take a look back at some of the key trends that have marked our first two years in operation.

Over the past two years, Jumia House has grown to offer more than 800,000 property listings in 34 countries around the world. As well as Ghana, our reach now stretches from Mexico to Morocco, and from Saudi Arabia to Senegal.

Lamudi Ghana

A new television show, Real Homes TV, has recently been premiered on Viasat 1. The 30-minute programme focuses on the real estate sector in Ghana with the mission to give people insight into properties and the real estate market by giving them vast options for all budgets and preferences.

The television show will take viewers on a tour of real estate and various properties that are on sale. It will also give useful information on interior decoration and product demonstrations, with the purpose to help people find their ideal homes and familiarise themselves with home improvement techniques.

Speaking about the importance of a real estate show, General Manager of Real Studios Limited Muni Reindolf believes the sector in Ghana does not have enough exposure, therefore Real Home TV will provide viewers with an opportunity to know more about housing, and will help them make  their decision when it comes to selecting a house. “We want viewers to have an idea of what happens in the sector and help them decide which property will best suit their needs,” he said.

Jumia House Ghana

The show is divided into various segments including the Estate Tour, where viewers will be given an insight into different developments in the country, and the Hot Property segment that will display photos of properties listed on Jumia House Ghana’s website. There will also be the Home Tit Bits where viewers will acquire knowledge on interior design, gardening and general tips on how to rent and buy properties.

The show will be aired on Viasat 1, every Sunday at 5pm, and later on other television stations in the country.

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