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Vista del Mare

Waylead Company Ghana, a real estate development company introduces luxury living homes known as  Vista del Mare which loosely translates to house along the seaside. This name befits this development as it’s just 5 minutes from the Labadi beach.

This property is on the market for $500,000 but there is currently a 10% discount promo running. Vista del Mare is a gated community of homes located at Burma Hills with access to a clubhouse, an outdoor swimming pool, a fully-equipped fitness center, a grand cafe and a beautiful rooftop terrace.

The property is a 3,500 sq ft one story townhouse on a 5,000 sq ft land complete with 4 ensuite bedrooms expandable to 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, dining area, private garden, kitchen, balcony, laundry room, boys’ quarters and a garage. The kitchen counters are heat resistant and anti-scratch. The master bedroom has his and her sinks.

View pictures of the Vista del Mare by Waylead on  Jumia House.

Pine Court

In a recent interview with Mr. Kwesi Anderson, Marketing Manager of Ghanaian Real Estate developer, Whitewall Properties, Jumia House Ghana received great insight into the real estate world and as always brought back some tips and advice for our readers.

Jumia House Ghana: Could you give us a brief background on Whitewall Properties?

Kwesi Anderson: Whitewall Properties was established in 2012. Largely, our concept is to develop modern and sophisticated Townhouses and Apartments with lush of greenery in prime locations which are the preserve for the upscale market segment. Our clients usually buy and move in or buy to add up to their investment portfolio and rent it out and this requires careful selection of key prime locations.

Some of our prime locations are Cantonments, East Legon, Ridge, Tesano and Dzorwulu. Whitewall prides itself with the provision spacious developments in prime locations, great and quality finishing imported from Spain and Italy, and on-time delivery schedules. It usually takes us a minimum of a year to two years to finish most of our developments thereby enabling our clients to get access to favorable terms of payment for their preferred developments off-plan.

LG: Why Ghana?

K.A: We see an opportunity in the Ghanaian market. There are also a lot of Ghanaians in diaspora looking to come back home and instead of going through the orthodox process of buying and securing lands and subsequently taking a long time to put up their dream homes, we realized this gap and offered them an opportunity to give us their money to build those dream homes.

Whitewall has its own strategies in place for sourcing funds for their developments but seeks some commitment from clients by requiring a percentage deposit during the construction period.

LG: Is Whitewall looking to expand beyond the Accra area?

K.A.: Not currently, maybe in the long-term but we do have some developments coming up in the community 25 of the Tema district.  Here we are targeting the middle-class market.  If we do realize a market in other areas we will consider going in there.

LG:  What makes Whitewall different?

K.A: We thrive to be very unique as there are many competitors within this industry.  Our unique offerings are hinged on developing in key locations and offering very spacious units coupled with competitive lower pricing.  Hence within the upscale market, we are very affordable.  For clients who come on board during the construction stage we allow for customized adjustments at a small or no additional fee.  We also offer additional personalized services to our clients by helping them with their mortgage applications and going the extra mile to even recommend a competitor to them whenever we are sold out, l we have good relationships with our competitors. For Whitewall the client always comes first. The amazing thing is that, about 50% of the clients who have bought Apartment units at Maple Court have already made reservations to buy Apartment units at Pine Court to be developed at Cantonments.

This is a true testament to how our clients are delighted about the products and services that we are already offering them. Our delighted clients take it upon themselves to refer and recommend their family and friends to us as well.

LG:  What is Whitewall’s approach to social/affordable housing?  Are there any projects currently in place or in the future?

K.A:  As a business unit, we are always looking to fill up gaps for various markets hence we do not intend to target only a particular market.  We have noticed some gaps for social/affordable housing to explore, as Ghanaians in this market range seem to be very price-sensitive. For now however we don’t do mass developments, most of our developments only hold a few tenants.

LG:  How does Whitewall determine its pricing?

K.A:  We price looking at three criterions.  Location of our developments, the total floor area and the finishing used.

LG: Do you think technology has affected the real estate market? If so, how?

K.A:  Yes there has been a very positive impact. Especially in terms of marketing and research, technology now offers various platforms such as listing property and developments on the web and here, Jumia House has played quite a key role.  Technology has also played an important role in putting up developments.

LG:  How will prospective clients get a feel of technology in Whitewall’s developments?

K.A:  Whitewall is using standardized building materials.  Pine court, another of our developments for instance as part of fire laws requires two staircases, a normal one and a fire proof one.  In addition however Whitewall Properties offered a fireproof staircase and this is all due to technological advances.

LG:  What projects do Whitewall Properties currently have in place?

K.A:  We currently have Maple Court in East Legon, which will be ready for occupation in October 2014. There are 2 Townhouse Units and One 2-Bedroom Regular Apartment available for sale.  Pine Court, which will be developed in Cantonments (3 minutes drive from the American Embassy) will break grounds in December 2014 and completed in December 2016. It comprises of 1-Bedroom (64 Sqm), 2-Bedroom Regular (81 Sqm), 2-Bedroom Deluxe (132 Sqm), 3-Bedroom (180 Sqm) Apartment Units and a Penthouse (487 Sqm). Chestnut Court is also an upcoming development, which will be developed at East Legon near the Galaxy International School. It will comprise of 10 well-designed 4-Bedroom Townhouses. There are future developments coming up in Tema, New-Achimota and East Legon Hills.

LG:  What are your views on Jumia House Ghana and suggestions if any.

K.A:  Whitewall has advertised on Jumia House for about four months and we have had very good feedback from this platform. I would recommend Jumia House any day because unlike other online marketing platforms, Jumia House has been exclusive for real estate only and that’s very functional.  The Jumia House staff is also very pleasant and maintains excellent relationships with its clients and that has been very encouraging.

LG: Any advice to prospective homeowners?

K.A:  I do have some key concerns I am very passionate about and would love to address. Most Ghanaians are just price sensitive when it comes to investing in real estate but I implore them to consider other key criterion in addition to price. Some of these include: location, this is a key determinant of pricing in addition the total floor area also plays a key role in pricing. From personal research, nine out of every 10 Ghanaians always enquire how much a house or development is selling for as a key factor in deciding which property to buy instead of considering other related factors such as the total floor area and the type of finishing.

A great way to calculate the value you get for a piece of land is to divide the selling price of the property by the total floor area and that gives you its value per square meter.  Also I implore prospective homeowners to try to make enquires directly from the developers or do their due diligence and do extensive research on the kind of agents used in finding property.

Mr. Anderson

Jumia House Ghana

Ghanaians should brace themselves for a wonderful experience tomorrow as taxi drivers will be offering free rides in Accra worth GHC20.00.

The package, which is made in conjunction with Easy Taxi, an online taxi service provider, will cover taxis registered with the company.

Speaking with Jumia House, the Managing Director of Easy Taxi, Baffour Appiah Korang, indicated that passengers will benefit two free rides, each worth GHC20.00 to any destination in Accra.

The free rides will start from 9am till midnight, a total of 15 hours of an “Easy” experience.


He indicated that this move is part of the company’s goodwill to Ghanaians and other nationals in the country.

“We simply want everyone to have an Easy Taxi experience…both existing and new users will have the opportunity to use the service and have a feel of how convenient and reliable Easy Taxi is”, he stressed.

According to the MD, “all you have to do is download the free Easy Taxi app on your smartphone and sign up for the service (if you haven’t already). Ensure to enter your current location and destination in the reference fields, then request for a ride.”

Easy Taxi is an on-demand taxi service that operates through the use of a free mobile app to connect independent drivers registered to the Easy Taxi network with passengers in a smooth, easy and safe way.

It is part of the African Internet Holding Group, an Internet solutions company that currently has six companies under its belt,including Jumia House, Carmudi, Jumia, Kaymu and Hello Food.

Ghana Prime Property Office

Jumia House Ghana had the opportunity to speak with Delores Sekyere, Director of Ghana Prime Properties, one of the top property consultants and real estate companies in Ghana, about how she entered the real estate industry and how Ghana Prime Properties began after a family search for property.

Jumia House Ghana:  How did you end up involved in real estate?

Delores Sekyere:  I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and when I came to Ghana my goal was to find something that was interesting and would constantly challenge me. Real estate has always been a subject of interest to me, so much so, that I took a few courses while pursuing my marketing degree in college. During a family members’ search for property, I experienced firsthand the stress and discomfort of looking for property in Ghana. Following that experience, it only seemed right that I would pursue a business that would address some of the issues my family faced in our search. I knew the real estate industry was a challenging and dynamic space that really needed more reliable firms to lead in the trade and I instantly wanted to be a part of that.

LG:  What is the hardest part about being involved in this industry?

I believe the lack of regulation in the Ghanaian real estate market is what makes it so difficult for both clients and firms. There are a few good agents and companies but due to the fact that very few formal practices are recognized it makes it less attractive for the hard working individuals who are passionate about the craft to excel at the level that they should. In this same way, the process is also difficult for clients who have to settle for inefficient and time consuming modes of searching for luxury properties

LG: What have you enjoyed the most about working in this industry?

DS: I love the challenge that each new client brings. When someone comes looking for a property it can either be a really exciting transition in their life or a nerve wrecking process that they can’t wait to end. Being able to make client’s experience a positive one and bring their dream to life is a truly rewarding experience for me and everyone in the firm. Identifying the unique qualities of each client, their tastes and the things that would most interest them about a property and then matching them to the perfect one, is usually a personal accomplishment for each of us. It is from this we’ve coined our company slogan “improving lifestyles, one property at time”

 LG: How did Ghana Prime Properties develop?

DS: Ghana Prime Properties really started to develop and gain momentum through word of mouth and referrals from friends and previous clients. No matter how much advertising you do, an individual’s experience is usually the most compelling testimony in getting a client interested in working with you. In addition we are always learning new strategies and refining existing business practices to improve our client experience.

LG: Where do you see the future of real estate in Ghana?

DS: I believe real estate in Ghana will continue to be exciting with more players entering the market, that’s both developers and new firms. This should only lead to creating a more transparent industry that will hopefully be more inviting from a financial prospective for both sides of the market.

Ghana Prime Properties' Delores Sekyere

Delores Sekyere, Director of Ghana Prime Properties


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