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Searching for a home to rent in Ghana can be quite exhausting due to a number of factors. This is why Jumia House is here to enable you the home-seeker find a home without much stress. It is very easy to make mistakes you’d have to live with for the entire duration of your home rent. This especially applies if you are desperately looking for a house. When looking for a home, you do not rush the process else you would make some easily avoidable mistakes.

  1. Tenancy agreement: Go through every detail of your tenancy agreement as every word counts. The tenancy agreement is legally binding once you sign it, so make sure that you protect your interests in the document before you sign it.
  2. Viewing the house: Thoroughly inspect the house you want to rent before signing any agreement or putting down cash. This way you get to discover things that online pictures can’t show you such as the neighborhood or actual size of your storage for example.
  3. Property ownership: Before committing any form of finance to the house you want to rent, check that you are dealing with the genuine owner or caretaker of the property.
  4. Damages: When renting a place, take pictures of the state of the house to account for any damages before you move in. This is necessary to you avoid paying for damages you didn’t incur.
  5. Verbal agreements: Verbal agreements cannot be proved, therefore they are very unreliable. If you reach an agreement with your landlord, ensure that it reflects in your tenancy agreement.

While renting may seem scary, don’t panic as we have you covered on the choice rentals in Ghana. Just remember to check your house in person, read your tenancy agreement thoroughly and ask questions on areas you don’t understand before committing your money to it.

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Relocating to a new home can be stressful and  your pets feel the same way. Some pets are not used to traveling for hours and react differently to being around so many people. It takes some time before they can adjust to their homes. To make  the transition easier for your animal, Jumia House Ghana has put together these  tips to ensure that the process of relocating becomes easy for you and the pet:

Prior to moving:

1. Take the pet to the vet for a checkup or shots,

If the pet has a condition, requiring some form of treatment, take a prescription that will last you awhile until you find a new vet.  Do call your airline to find out the requirements for pets. If you will make a stop at a hotel, call ahead and confirm if they have pet-friendly rooms. When making a long distance journey,  flying or there are more people going to be around, it is advisable to get a sedative for your pet to keep them calm.

2. Have your pet groomed before the move?

Get their hair properly trimmed and body well washed. You do not want to have the interior of your car or new home messed up. Grooming should be done a day or two before the big day. You do not want your cat or new home smelling like a wet dog.

3. Let your pet sleep in a carrier more often so they get used to it.

4. Create a to-do list for your pet. Things such as animal carriers, canned food, first aid, and litter box should be carried along. It will be irritating to be stranded trying to get food for pets on the road.

On moving day:
1. On arriving at your new place, inspect the property and make sure there are no hazards such as holes in walls, mouse traps and harmful chemicals. Once you are sure of the environment, you can release the pet.

2. Upon arrival, place familiar objects in the same location as your previous home and spend some time with your pet. This will help reduce the anxiety and keep the animal calm.

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In Ghana, local restaurants or “chop bars” are the places to visit when you want to eat good indigenous dishes. They are one of the highly patronized eateries in the country. Jumia House has compiled five top hygienic chop bars in Accra, where you can find authentic mouthwatering Ghanaian food:

The Chop Bar: The Chop Bar, located in the Achimota Retail Center is one of the best places anyone can visit for great Ghanaian meals – from starters, main meals, to beverages, everything on the menu is strictly Ghanaian. Their food is well prepared and tasty. The artifacts, paintings, seating and the hygienic conditions under which the food is served make The Chop Bar very classy to dine in. It is an ideal place to have lunch with colleagues. They also have receptive and well-dressed waiters. Be sure to visit this eatery for their buffet on Sundays.

La Tante DC: The eatery is in a renovated Ghana Airways Plane. The seats of the airplane are turned to face each other with a table between them. You also have the option of dining in the lounge, which is known as the first class experience. There are soft lighting and music in the evening, that will make customers feel relaxed. The menu is Ghanaian, from “waakye”, “okro” soup and “banku” and tilapia, “fufu” among others. Averagely, a main meal costs from 25ghc – 40ghc. La Tante DC is located on the Airport road, opposite the Marina Mall.

Asanka Local: This local restaurant is neat and spacious with beautiful African artifacts on the walls. They are located in one of Accra’s popular locations – Osu. They are specialized in delicious, authentic Ghanaian foods. The food is also cooked under very hygienic conditions. Example of meals on their menu include “fufu” with snail soup, “tuo zafi”, fried yam, “banku” and tilapia, “omotuo” and much more.

Country Kitchen: This is another popular eatery that cooks Ghanaian classics like “fufu”, plantain, “omotuo”, “waakye” and “banku” and it is located at Osu. They also have options like chicken, beef, fish, game soup or stew. They have an extensive eight-paged menu to choose from. With great customer service, clients are likely to find the manager lurking around, supervising the staff. The eatery has been in town for quite sometime now and it is highly patronized. This can be determined by the number of customers you meet during lunch breaks.

Chez Clarisse: With their wide range of grilled fish and meat, local desserts, soups, rice dishes, and stews to choose from, Chez Clarisse is located on the Oxford Street behind the Ecobank Building in Osu. Dishes are served in beautiful eccentric wooden plates and bowls, making it look more Ghanaian, but customers also have the option of using a ceramic plate or bowl. Do not let yourself be hoodwinked by the exterior of the restaurant, the food is delicious! The Chef takes time to garnish the food, especially the grilled tilapia and chicken.

The next time you are looking for a hygienic and reasonably priced local restaurant or “Chop Bar” to have your meal, you know where to turn to.

This post was written by Samuel Tettey-Fio. Samuel is a third year student of Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) studying Information Technology.

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The exterior of the house is contemporary and modern, it features tall windows to brighten up the house and add symmetry to the property.

The house consists of a spacious modern kitchen, up-to-date bathroom, warm and welcoming living area, seven bedrooms, a large dining area and is surrounded by lush well-manicured greenery.

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The Ghana Property Awards happened on Saturday 8th November at the State Banquet Hall. The event was full of glitz and glamor, with a large audience gracing the occasion.

At the end of it all, Devtraco emerged overall winners of the Ghana Property Awards. Jumia House congratulates all winners, especially our partners with whom have developed a working relationship with the property marketplace.

Your favorite property portal, Jumia House Ghana,  profiles some of the winners on the night.

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Lakeside Estate.  

Lakeside Estate marveled the Ghanaian populace to become the Developer of the Year for Lower Income. The real estate developer has been in existence for over 40 years and has been constructing affordable houses ever since. The estate developer even has a theme park under its portfolio of achievements, with plans underway to make it bigger and the most attractive theme park in Ghana.

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Broll Ghana Limited

Broll scooped two awards on the night, being Valuation Firm of the Year and Brokerage Company of the Year. The impressive property services provider has been in operations since 2006 and its two major portfolios are the new West Hills Mall and the Accra Mall. The company is set to take on new projects such as the designated Junction Mall earmarked at Nungua.

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Angel Estates and Construction

The real estates developer is a subsidiary of Angel Group of Companies and drew inspiration from providing housing for inhabitants of the Kumasi Metropolis. Today, Angel Estates and Construction Ltd has 33 houses in its portfolio and has projected a further 70 houses within the next 12 months. Angel Estates received  Special Recognition Award.

White Wall Properties

Developer of the Year award went to White Wall properties. Established in 2012 White Wall Properties develop modern and sophisticated townhouses and apartments in prime locations which are the preserve for the upscale market segment. Their latest addition to the real estate industry, Maple Court, comprises 12 apartments and six townhouses with top-line interior finishing and an exterior of lush greenery.

Mabani Actis Joint Venture

Actis is a private equity real estate investor in sub-Saharan Africa. They recently signed a joint venture agreement with Mabani Holdings Ghana Limited, over an extensive property portfolio in Ghana and West Africa. Mabani and Actis won the ward for Property Newcomer of the Year


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