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Why You Should Invest in The Garden City of Ghana

Land for Sale in Kumasi

The capital of the Ashanti Kingdom since the year 1695, Kumasi is one of the most significant cities in Ghana in terms of both historical and economic importance. Popularly referred to as the Garden City by Ghanaians, it is one of the largest cities in Africa in terms of population size.

Always bustling with activity due to the large population size and numerous commercial activities, Kumasi is really a site to behold. The central market in Adum, a large and bustling market, contributes to the constant economic activity of the city and is very similar to Makola in Accra. The market is really an all you need location, with sellers offering everything from foodstuffs to non-consumables like plastic toys, to electronics. As such the market in Adum is very popular amongst residents.

Kumasi being one of the most developed cities in Ghana alongside other areas like Accra, Tema, Takoradi and Cape Coast, it has a lot of amenities in the area. Water and electricity are supplied to the city via the public mains. There are also numerous educational facilities spread across the city making it relatively easy for residents to have access to them. These facilities include both primary and secondary educational institutions. The country’s second largest public university, The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is located right on the edge of Kumasi. 

Plots Available in Kumasi

Tips When Buying Land

All the aforementioned points make the place a desirable location to own property. The most basic of these properties is land and this is sold in to both private individuals and corporate institutions. The offers available are suitable for people looking to buy land in Kumasi either for residential or commercial use. Acreage in the area is under the care of the Asante Stool, and watched over by whoever is the Asantehene at that point in time. As such, all land transactions have to be verified by the Office of the Stool.

Lands for sale in this city vary in price depending on the location, but follow the worldwide trend of cost being higher in more desirable locations. Another determinant of the cost of buying a plot is its size, with larger ones logically costing more. Overall land sale in Kumasi can cost the potential buyer anywhere from GH₵4,000 to GH₵20,000,000.

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