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Airport Residential, Accra

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Too often homebuyers in Accra face the need to compromise when buying a property, forced by market dynamics and unreliable suppliers to sacrifice either location or quality in order to purchase a property they can afford.

Our homes present buyers with the opportunity to own a stylish, high-quality home in a central location, at competitive prices. Market leading payment plans (starting from only 10% downpayment) make the investment even more affordable.

This offer also translates to a high yield investment opportunity for buy-to-let investors.
We train our teams to care about the details, whether this is in relation to client communications, managing construction costs, or interior fittings and finishing.

This combination has lead to a track record of sell-out developments, market leading asset growth and rental yields, and an impressive record of repeat buyers and referrals.

We have launched 6 developments in Accra since Jan 2011, 5 of which (comprising over 150 units) are already complete and occupied, with the 6th completing in 2016.
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