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One of the Top Areas in Accra to Rent a Flat

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Situated just a few minutes’ drive from the Kotoka International Airport, the Airport Residential area is easily the-go-to area when it comes to the residential needs of Ghanaians. Many people see this area as the playground of the affluent and upper class of Ghanaian society. It is recognised as one of the prime areas when it comes to property ownership in the country. When one buys property in Airport Residential Area or mentions owning property in the neighbourhood, that person is viewed as having “landed” or made it financially. Thus, it is not surprising that a majority of Ghanaians aspire to own property, such as land, an apartment, or a housein this neighbourhood.

The Airport Residential area, home to excellent living conditions, is ranked as the top neighbourhood in Ghana when it comes to aesthetics.

It boasts of having well tarred roads that are complete with streetlights, traffic lights, a well-planned road network, beautiful landscaping, and tree lined avenues. Movement within the neighbourhood is totally stress-free!

Security in the neighbourhood is ensured by a combination of the country’s police force situated at the Airport Police Station, and security guards from a host of private security companies. There are also night time police patrols in the community, which all help to protect the residents.

The area is also filled with many high end restaurants, such as Rhapsody’s, Santoku and Nicolino. The Accra Mall, which hosts the country’s most popular cinema and several shops, is also in this area. Not too far away, Marina Mall has numerous high end options for residents in case they feel like stepping out for some entertainment.

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Things You Need to Know Before Renting an Apartment

Many of the apartments in Ghana come with 1 to 3 bedroom setups, and the Airport Residential area follows this trend. Apartments in the Airport Residential Area are usually for sale or for rent. Most of them are for rent, which can be attributed to the fact that the majority of people who patronise these rental flats are foreign nationals and expatriates, who may be looking to utilise the property only for a short period of time. As such, the option of renting for a year or two enables them to acquire a comfortable property for use during their stay. 

It helps also that most of these apartments are connected to basic amenities and usually fully furnished. There are also other facilities like satellite television, water reservoirs, internet access, and back-up generators offered in some rental apartments. This enables tenants to move in as quickly as possible.

Rent charges for flats in the area start at around GH₵6,000 per month and can get as high as GH₵15,000 per month. Be sure to note that most of the landlords demand the payment of rent a year or two in advance.

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