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Airport Residential Area is the unofficially acclaimed premier place to live in Accra. It is named so because of its proximity to the country’s only international airport. Only a few minutes’ drive from the Kotoka International Airport, it is without a doubt one of the most desirable neighbourhoods. The district also has a strong expatriate presence, which makes it highly a diverse sector in Ghana.

Apartments in Airport Residential area are always at a premium and attract the affluent in Ghanaian society, as well as expatriates. Therefore, if you looking to purchase an apartment in this zone, you should be prepared to pay a higher price. Apartments for sale in the area are on the average anywhere from the low GH₵700,000 to the high GH₵1,500,000. The reason for such prices is heavily influenced by the high demand for properties in this exclusive area.

Benefits from Living in This Area

Without a doubt the Airport Residential Area is one of the top draw locations when it comes to buying and selling apartments in Ghana. Our property listings are ready for you to explore what Ghana‘s real estate has to offer.

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