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Buy an Apartment or a Flat as Your Future Home in Accra

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This capital city is the most populous and busiest city in the country. The city is located in the south of the country, along the Atlantic Ocean. It is an economic and commercial hub for both, the Greater Accra Region and the whole country. The country’s only international airport, The Kotoka International Airport, is situated here. This is a very important city of Ghana, as it hosts many organizations and businesses that have rose Accra above other cities.

This metropolis offers a variety of options when it comes to property and accommodation. An interesting housing trend has shown that apartments in Accra have become a very popular option among the population lately. Though, these flats were previously concentrated around the more affluent neighborhoods, which was quite difficult to access by the general population.

Due to the high demand of flats or apartments nowadays, they are springing up in numerous parts of this main city, therefore, more people get a chance to buy and rent a flat!

Apartment’s Characteristics and Prices

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In Ghana, this property units are usually being sold or rented out by their owners. They come in a variety of sizes, number of bed room, bathroom, the total usage space, and the total actual space. It is worth mentioning that the most popular constructed apartments come with 2 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms.

The clear demand for flats has increased the number of apartment building projects, which related to cost efficiency for both buyers and sellers, because there would be many property units on a plot of land, rather than one or two houses on that same lot.

Prices of apartments for sale in Ghana starting from GH₵200,000 to GH₵2,000,000 or more. These prices typically include anything from a one bedroom apartment to five or six bedroom suites.

The flats are usually connected with basic amenities and occasionally furnished. Most apartment owners do offer car parks. Other additional amenities that are offered prior the purchase may include built-in air conditioning, wireless internet, backup generator, and backup water.

This real estate type in Ghana has gained a strong foothold in the property market. It is a perfect alternative to people who aren’t looking to own a house just yet. And if you are not ready to buy any kind of property, renting is another option that you should go for.

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