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Rent an Apartment in Cantonments

If you were to offer the average Ghanaian the chance to pick any neighbourhood he or she wanted to live in, Cantonments would invariably come up as one of the more frequent answers. Cantonments is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Ghana, with a rich blend of old and new apartments and houses. Over the years, the area has proven to be one of the premier places to live.

The layout of this district is one of the best in the country. Properly planned and integrated with a street network that makes living and moving around easy, Cantonments is simply a delight. Taxis and public buses, popularly refered to as“Trotros”, are constantly available on the streets and residents are always assured of finding a means of transportation. Numerous high commissions and embassies are also located in the neighbourhood.

The community is mainly inhabited by the middle and upper class of Ghanaian society, as well as foreign nationals from far and wide. A number of expatriates also own or rent property in the area, and utilize them whenever they are in-country.

Why Many People Choose to Rent an Apartment in Cantonment

Luxury Apartment

Although there are some commercial properties in the area, the majority are for residential use. These residential properties are mainly detached houses or apartment blocks. Quite a number of these properties are either for sale or for rent. As the demand for apartments has skyrocketed in the country, more real estate companies and agencies are striving to meet this demand. This has led to the construction of numerous plush rental or purchasable apartment units in various communities, and Cantonments is no different.

Although apartments can be found either for sale or for rent, more people seem to prefer to rent these flats. This is due to numerous reasons. First is the fact that many people may be looking for a place to live in for a short period of time while they think of acquiring or building a place of their own. As such, renting a flat might be a prudent choice. Moreover, people who may be staying in the country for a short period of time are probably not willing to buy a property outright, hence, the option of an apartment for rent appeals to them.

Anyone looking to lease a flat in Cantonments would be expected to pay around an average of GH₵7,500. The apartments usually come fully furnished with internet and satellite connections, which is the minimum that is expected at that price range.

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