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House for Sale in Cantonments

Own a Home in Accra’s most Prime Location

Cantonments is easily recognized as one of the best neighbourhoods in Accra. This is because it provides one of the prime locations when it comes to property ownership it the country. It also offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere that is conducive for residential habitation. With a wide range of choices ranging from family sized houses to apartments more suitable for the young executive living by themselves, properties in Cantonments offer an option for whoever has the resources to afford it.

The layout of the location is easily one of the best in the city. There was a strict adherence to planning permissions during the initial construction stages and this has led to the neighbourhood becoming one of the most beautifully planned areas in Ghana. Its design can be compared to districts like Airport Residential Area and Labone.

The road network is also of high standards and makes moving around the neighbourhood very easy. There are also access roads from Cantonments connecting it to Osu, Labone and the main parts of Accra. The area hosts quite a number or Embassies and High Commissions. This can be attributed to the relatively peaceful nature of the neighbourhood.

Calling Cantonments Your Home

Furnished Homes Available

This central part of Accra is a mixture of residential and commercial properties. Nevertheless, there are significantly more residential properties in the form of houses and apartments than offices and other commercial buildings. Houses for sale in this location are more often than not fully detached with individual compounds to each property. These houses are mainly constructed using traditional construction methods of mortar and sand, which makes them sturdy.

Homes for sale in the Cantonments area are connected to electricity and water from the country’s national grid. Most also come equipped with back-up generators as well as water reservoirs to help in surviving the frequent shortages from the national grid. Anyone looking to buy a house has the chance to choose between fully furnished houses or empty units. Many of these come with air conditioners.

Given the impeccable house designs and interior designs, it is not surprising that the houses for sale in Cantonment are far from cheap. A potential buyer should budget for a minimum of GH₵1,000,000 for a decent 2 or 3 bedroom house in the neighbourhood.

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