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Find office space, shops and commercial properties for rents in Accra, Ghana’s administrative capital. The second most populous city in the country and without a doubt, one of the most developed city in Ghana. It is also Ghana’s largest city and acclaimed commercial hub. It is a constant beehive of activity with a constantly growing population as more and more people move into the city in order to take advantage of business opportunities.

The metropolitan is the number one city when it comes to commercial activities. It is a home to numerous businesses. From the small store owner to the international business tycoon, the city of Accra caters for the business hopes and dreams of everyone. There is also the constant generation of business ideas, which are worth investing in Accra. Numerous banks and offices both for local companies and foreign have their offices and headquarters located in Accra. This makes Accra the prime city when it comes to business interactions in Ghana.

Offering a wide variety of office accommodation, Accra will satisfy everyone! Office spaces are usually rented out by their landlords for a number of years, usually two or three years, and payment is commonly expected in advance. Rents for offices start from around GH₵500 and rise steeply. The different prices highly depend on the location and the amount of space required.

Benefits of Renting the Office in Accra

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There are many factors that pull business investors’ attention to Accra. The offices, shops, warehouses, and other commercial properties are mainly the reasons. Another reason is amenities in Accra are magnificent. Here are some examples.

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