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Accra, the Business & Commercial Property Centre of Ghana

Commercial Space for Sale in Accra

The capital city of Ghana, Accra, is by far the most populous city in the country and coincidentally one of the busiest too. Located in the Greater Accra region, it is also the Ghana government’s seat of power. The coastal city it lies adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean at the Gulf of Guinea. The Kotoka International Airport, Ghana’s only international airport is also located in the city of Accra. This means that the large number of expatriates and foreigners that visit the country have to come through this city.

Accra is recognized as the centre and main city when it comes to business in Ghana. It is also one of the fastest growing commercial cities in Africa and has a very conducive atmosphere for businesses to grow and thrive. The characteristics that promote this include the presence of basic amenities like electricity and water. For the large population, Accra provides a ready market and the easy access to transportation. All these make it extremely convenient to conduct business in the capital. Residential properties, such as houses and apartments, are available throughout the city, which mean you do not have to travel far to get to your office or work!

The Types of Commercial Property in Accra and their Prices

Office Space for Sale in Accra

It is without surprise that the demand for commercial properties in Accra is high with numerous businesses either looking to change their base of operations or to acquire a new one. Commercial properties available in this city include offices, warehouses, beach resorts, hotels, and factories. All these have various uses. Offices are mainly used for administrative purposes, whilst warehouses are mainly suitable for storage of goods. Factories are used for producing particular goods used in the local market or for export. Some factories also have storage capacities to a certain extent, although this may not be of the same calibre as traditional warehouses.

Commercial properties are usually priced differently based on their use, build, and location. Prices start from GH₵400,000 and can get as high as GH₵50,000,000. These are usually fully developed properties with connections to various amenities. Majority of offices come with parking spaces, which helps drive up the property’s price. Prices of warehouses are mainly dependent on the cubic space they offer. Normally, the bigger the space, the higher the value of the warehouse.

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