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Getting Ready to be the Owner of an Apartment in Dzorwulu

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One of the oldest residential neighbourhoods in Accra, Dzorwulu has constantly evolved and grown. The area continues to remain a premier location for potential property owners in the city. It was previously made up of mainly residential properties. Later on, businesses have sprung up in the area, which changed the neighbourhood from its purely residential state.

There are numerous factors, which make Dzorwulu an attractive option when considering where one should buy an apartment. Firstly, electricity and water in the area are available and provided via the respective service providers in the country. Second, the presence of numerous educational facilities, both in and around the area, make it a convenient location for people with children to live in. And finally, there are numerous entertainment facilities in the area ranging from small sided soccer, mini golf, restaurants, pubs, to nightclubs.

For buyers who are not looking to invest in a house, there is a great option of purchasing an apartment in Dzorwulu. These apartments are usually bought by people who are not ready to acquire full scale houses or do not as yet have a need for one. There are also other properties available for rent in this district, such as apartments and houses


The standard of living in the Dzorwulu area, and its apartments for sale, tend to be quite plush. Therefore, they command high figures as compared to other parts of the country.

The Typical Offers when Buying an Apartment

Apartment owners and managers usually provide a host of other services in an attempt to entice buyers. These services include offers, for instance 24/7 security services, which is usually provided by private security firms. Another service is internet access either through LAN or Wi-Fi access. Some also go as far as to provide cleaning services and maids. All these services come at a fee, which is either incorporated into the initial cost or charged in a separate agreement.

Due to the high quality of the Dzorwulu neighbourhood, apartments in this area tend to be slightly more costly than in other areas of the country. Apartments for sale average around GH₵850,000. There are a number of financial options, like mortgages and loans, provided to individuals by financial institutions to help them shoulder the cost of the apartment.

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