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House for Rent in Dzorwulu

Dzorwulu: A Fine Mix of Residential and Commercial Life

For anyone thinking about renting a house in the Accra metropolis and wondering which neighbourhood will be suitable, Dzorwulu would not be too farfetched a proposition. Numerous reasons can be given as to why Dzorwulu can be considered a suitable neighbourhood for people looking to rent a house. Located along the 37 – Achimota road, the area’s road network makes it easily accessible within the neighbourhood, and to other parts like Abelenkpe, Airport Residential and Roman Ridge. The road network also makes commuting to and from the city center relatively easy for its residents. This serves as a main pull factor that convinces the working class to consider Dzorwulu as a residential location.

Another aspect that leads people to strongly consider renting houses or apartments in Dzorwulu is the fact that there are quite a number of educational facilities either close by or within the neighbourhood. This is a particularly high consideration for home seekers with children since they are assured of quality education at a reasonable distance from their homes. The educational institutions include Achimota School, Roman Ridge School amongst others. Security in the neighbourhood is also of high standards, making residents feel at ease with their surroundings.

Leasing a House in Dzorwulu

Furnished House for Rent

Rental houses in Dzorwulu offer a great option for property seekers. They are built from sandcrete blocks and have a variety of finishes, the most common type being painting.  The buildings are very sturdy, and, with proper maintenance, are guaranteed to last a long time. Most of the houses to let come equipped with louver blades or sliding glass windows, as well as wooden panel doors or glass doors. Windows and doors are mostly fitted with burglar proof devices to help keep away criminals.

Houses in the neighbourhood are usually connected to common amenities like water and electricity. For some, the landlords also provide water tanks and back-up generators for the houses. Other extras that could be found in rental homes include internet connection and satellite television.

Houses in the neighbourhood usually command a handsome renting price. This is due to the relatively high quality of living in Dzorwulu as compared to other neighbourhoods in Ghana. The cost attached to houses for rent are in the range of GH₵2,000 to GH₵20,000 depending on amenities provided and exact location of the house.

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