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Land for Sale in East Legon Hills

The Fastest Growing Property Market in Accra

Adjacent to East Legon and rapidly growing, East Legon Hills is slowly gaining a foothold as one of the desired neighbourhoods for real estate investors and potential property owners in Accra. Its growing popularity has attracted a large number of individuals, real estate agents and property investors, who have moved into the area to seize its potential. Due to the fact that it is one of the newer neighbourhoods in Accra, there are huge tracts of land yet to be developed. However, these plots for sale may not be available for long since they are being purchased at a rapid rate for investment purposes.

East Legon Hills is quite close to established neighbourhoods like Trassaco, Ashaiman and Lakeside Estates. This proximity helps boosts the image of the location and encourages people to acquire all types of property there including apartments, houses and commercial buildings.

Life in East Legon Hills

Buy Land in East Legon Hills

Water and electricity from the national grid have been connected to the area and are readily available for connections to different properties. This has made living conditions more comfortable for residents. The presence of these vital amenities has also promoted more development in the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, most property owners still install back up water reservoirs and electricity generators in the flats and houses to help combat the shortages currently plaguing the country.

The presence of police stations in the community has also aided in the number of residents moving into the area. This is due to the fact that people generally move into areas where their safety is prioritized as it permits them to go about their life and business without fear. The road network is also appreciable and connects the neighbourhood to other parts of the city. Therefore, anyone wanting to buy land in this area will not need to worry about getting around easily.

Lands for sale in East Legon Hills go for a wide range of prices depending on its size and proximity to certain locations. The price for a plot of land can start from as low as GH₵10,000 to as high as GH₵150,000.

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