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Buying an Apartment and Living in East Legon


Once a sparsely populated area, East Legon has grown within a short period of time to become one of Accra’s main neighbourhoods for accommodation and other properties. Located adjacent the Tema Motorway and Madina, it is mainly occupied by the individuals in the upper and middle classes of Ghanaian society, as well as expatriates. That is why the area is recognized as Ghana’s plush neighbourhoods.

The quality and standard of living in East Legon is very high. This has been brought about by various government backed developments in the area. The neighbourhood’s major road network is well planned and constructed with hardly any potholes. Water and electricity and are also supplied to East Legon via the country’s main distribution centres.

In East Legon district, there are many apartments of high quality for the potential property owners. Apartments for sale are highly suitable for a small family, a couple, or living by yourself. It is certainly cheaper than buying a house. The flats are mostly patronized by young professionals. These apartments to be bought are usually fully furnished deluxe affairs that can cater for the mid to high income earners.

For the people who are not ready to buy an apartment, in East Legon, there are numerous number of apartments for rent, as well as houses for rent.

Amenities that Come with the Flats for Sale in this Plush Area

Furnished apartment

Other amenities that you may find when purchasing an apartment are:

All of above mentioned amenities usually come at an agreed fee and will either be charged as part of the initial cost or provided for at an agreed fee paid termly.

Being a relatively high class area, apartments often tend to cost a pretty penny. Prices for a 2 bedroom apartment for sale may hover around GH₵600,000 on average. Although a bit costly for most people, for those who can afford it buying an apartments tends to represent a pretty nifty investment. Especially, if one considers the numerous additional benefits, which come with owning apartments as compared to regular houses.

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