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Office Space for Rent in East Legon

East Legon is one of the newer neighbourhoods in Accra. It is constantly growing due to a large number of people moving into the area, and new developments springing up. East Legon is easily one of the more plush areas in Ghana. Previously very minimally developed, a large number of people have moved into the neighbourhood and built various properties, such as houses, apartments, and commercial properties, leading to the area experiencing a development surge.

Quality of life in the area is very good due to the presence of several amenities including, but not limited to electricity, water, school and hospitals. The roads in the area are great and this is aided by the fact that they are relatively new and have not yet been subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

As the community has expanded, more and more businesses have sprung up in the area. More people have realized the business potential of the neighbourhood and are looking to exploit it. Additionally, the location of the area makes it a very good business or office location due to its proximity to numerous highways that enable people there to access other parts of the city of Accra easily.

Commercial Property for Rent in East Legon

The Characteristics of Commercial Properties Available for Rent

The majority of the commercial premises for rent in East Legon are offices and this is mainly as result of planning restrictions in the area. These offices are often either single story or low rise multi storey block buildings.  Most of these rental business premises are usually not owned by the enterprises which occupy them.

Some of these offices were not constructed purposely for that specific use but were previously residential properties, which were converted to office use. These buildings are mainly suitable as office accommodation for small to medium sized businesses, branches for businesses, and banks.

Cost of office accommodation is dependent on numerous factors. These include the specific location of the property, if the building has to be restructured to suit the buyer’s needs and the type of finishes and amenities present in the building. THe cost of these spaces start at around GH₵1,000 per month and can get as high as GH₵20,000 per month. Landlords usually expect rents to be paid in advance for a year or two.

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