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Houses for Rent in East Legon Provide Modern Living in Accra

2 Bedroom House for Rent in Accra

The city is Accra’s leading plush neighborhood and is located 13 km northeast of the city center. The neighborhood is sparsely populated and is mainly made up of individuals belonging to the mid-to-upper income group. The neighborhood derives its name from the university of Ghana, Legon, due to its strategic location of being east of the institution. East Legon is bordered by the Tema Motorway, Madina, Legon, and Spintex. The neighborhood has a mall in the vicinity and another about 5km away, right on the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange. It is also about 10km away from the Kotoka International Airport.

The plush neighborhood has some interesting houses for rent in East Legon and sale. From bungalows, storey homes, to detached and semi-detached. It is an ideal location to find that rental house that you will soon call home! Apartments for rent and land for sale are also available in plenty.

The streets of East Legon have unique names. Alugutungui, which translates to Sweet Apple and Blackberry Street, named after RIM’s popular smartphone. The neighborhood has a very well organized road network, with exit routes leading to Spintex, Tetteh Quarshie, Madina, and Legon.

Houses for Rent in Accra

East Legon has the Newest Houses for Rent in Accra

Leasing a house in East Legon, like other plush areas in Accra, can be quite expensive but worth the value. Prices range from GH$1000 monthly for a simple house for rent to as much as GH$50,000 for an executive one. Renting in in this neighborhood, however, has its advantages. In other areas, even though the Rent Law stipulates that landlords are to provide maintenance of tenants’ homes, the reality for many is the absence of such service. Owing to the high educational status and frankness of landlords in East-Legon, maintenance service is a normality.

Houses for Rent in East Legon benefit from these real estate laws, as they place the rights of the tennant at the forefront of their thinking

A wide range of services are available in the neighborhood. First, security in is at its optimum, with the presence of a police station and at least five checkpoints to ensure crime is at its barest minimum. Some houses are protected by private security companies, but these are contracted by private individuals.

Looking for an eat-out? There is a wide range of restaurants, hotels, bed-and-breakfast, bars, and lounges to satisfy the exotic and local tastes of the inhabitants. The neighborhood has a mall in the vicinity and another about 5km away, right on the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange.

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