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Home for Sale in East Legon: An Asset or a Liability?

Find houses for sale in East Legon for sale. Discover listing of different flats, apartments, and houses all for sale by trusted sellers and agents. You can filter through the listings shown above to find your perfect taste based on your preference or pricing.

East Legon is one of Accra’s finest first-class residential areas. Located 13 km northeast of the city center, the neighborhood is currently seeing an increase in the number of developments in the area and is mainly made up of individuals belonging to the mid-to-upper income group. The neighborhood derives its name from the University of Ghana, Legon, due to its strategic location of being east of the institution. East Legon is bordered by the Tema Motorway, Madina, Legon and Spintex and is a 15-20 minute drive from the Kotoka International Airport.

Though buying houses has been the norm in Ghanaian property trends, demand for houses has increased over the past couple of years due to the decreased supply of residential property on the market, especially in the capital. Despite the fact that buying a house may cost as much as $200,000, it is seen as a long-term investment, especially where the neighborhood is well-developed. Houses for rent are also available here. 

This, however, comes as no surprise since the neighborhood is already well-developed in terms of infrastructure and social amenities. The streets of are tarred and named, which makes finding locations easier. The neighborhood is also affected by the unreliable electricity and water supply which forces many residents to own fuel-powered generators and water reservoirs.

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Benefits and Amenities while You are Living Here

For anyone purchasing a house in East Legon, there are several banks and numerous ATMs at your disposal. The majority of the Telecom operators also chose this neighborhood to host a branch and serve the various needs of their clients. The neighborhood offers a variety of restaurants to meet the different tastes of its multi-cultural inhabitants. Whether Chinese, Indian, Thai, French or local Ghanaian cuisine, there is sure to be a restaurant close by. There are even two popular pizzerias in the neighborhood for those pizza-lovers.

Home to one of the capital’s most well-known malls, East Legon also boasts of several shops and businesses which offer a wide variety of services including salons for men, women, and kids. There are several private yet reputable hospitals with some specializing in fertility, eye, ear and heart problems. East Legon is also home to several sports and fitness centers, including one that runs soccer and basketball summer camps for kids.

If buying a house is an investment, which could serve generations, then it is most certainly well worth it.

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