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High Demand for Land and Other Properties in East Legon!

Land in East Legon

East Legon has grown to become one of Ghana’s premier residential neighbourhoods. As a result, a large number of people want to acquire some property, like land, houses, or apartments, in the area. Being a plush district, it is no surprise that properties are mostly patronised by members of the middle class and upper class of Ghanaian society. 

The quality and standard of living in East Legon has never served as a deterrent to anyone. This is due to the fact that it conforms to the high standards of Ghana’s premier area. This has been brought about by the various planning and development policies of government being undertaken in the area. With a well-planned road network and exquisitely laid out community plans, it is quite a delightful neighbourhood to reside in.

The amount of demand for property, and especially bare land for building, has increased. A drive around East Legon will reveal a few of these yet to be developed plots in the area.

Benefits of Owning a Plot of Land, Especially in East Legon

Land in East Legon are very desirable for numerous reasons. Here are some examples.

Buy land

Land in East Legon costs quite a lot because they are in high demand. Plots of land in the area start at around GH₵30,000 per plot and can go higher depending on other factors, like proximity to the road and availability of amenities.

The main institution in charge of land transactions in Accra is the Ghana Lands Commission. Everybody looking to partake in any land transaction in Accra is advised to go to the Land Commission to ensure that all the legal aspects are properly covered. This process will protect the land buyers from encountering future problems relating to the ownership. All the transactions and the land itself should be properly registered and documented as well.

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