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House for Rent in Haatso

Be Part of Accra's Newest Neighbourhood

Looking for houses for rent in Haasto? The find your dream home on Jumia House. Haatso is one of the newer neighbourhoods in Ghana and is currently expanding at a rapid rate. The main push behind the fast increase is the high demand for apartments, houses and other properties for sale and rent in the neighbourhood. This growing popularity is fuelled by the recent perception that Haatso is a viable location for residential activity. Several real estate agents and individuals have taken advantage of these pull factors and have set up a large number of housing and commercial units.

The neighbourhood’s proximity to other established areas like Madina, West Legon and Dome make it a popular choice amongst residents. This coupled with the fact that properties in the area i.e. land, apartments and houses, are relatively cheaper than other more established locations, say Labone or Cantonments.

Rent Affordable Houses in Haatso

Houses in the area are built using sandcrete blocks which Rent a Home in Haatsogives them a solid look and feel. Many of the houses for rent are detached, usually with 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms. The homes are large enough to cater to the needs of a wide range of people who fall under the middle class status within the Ghanian society.

In addition, the homes for rent are fenced with sandcrete block walls and these are topped with sharp objects like barbed wire or broken glass to serve as a deterrent to criminals. Some go even further and install electric fencing on top of walls as a security measure. In recent times, the government has sought to make basic amenities available in the Haatso area and this has led to houses and apartments being connected to water and electricity provided by the national grid. Still, several rental houses come with reservoir water tanks and back-up generators in case the need arisises. Other extras features provided in some houses are air conditioning and furniture

Houses for rent in Haatso are targeted towards the middle class and are thus more moderately priced compared to some other areas. The rent for the bungalows and mansions available in this neighbourhood start from around GH₵500 and can get as high as GH₵5,000 a month depending on the house size and other features such as outhouses.

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