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The Qualities That You will receive When Buying a House

Home Sweet Home

When taking a walk along various streets and roads in Haatso, you will see a large number of houses for sale by both owners and real estate agents. This occurrence is fuelled by the growing popularity of this area as a viable location for residential properties. The popularity has led to a large number of individuals and real estate agencies putting up homes for sale and rent. This is in an attempt to satisfy all demand in the district.

Let us have a look at the house’s features. Here are some typical features that you can find when purchasing a house in Haatso.

Homes for sale in the area start at around GH₵500,000 and go upwards from there. Although the initial prices may seem a bit stiff, houses in Haatso offer a good value that are worth investing in.

Why Choose Haatso as Your Future Home Location

The increase in Haatso's popularity is boosted by the features of the real estate sector. Firstly, the fact that Haatso is a relatively new neighbourhood, prices of land and properties are moderately more affordable than other established residential areas in Accra. This entices a large number of the working class to the neighbourhood.

Bedroom of a House

Moreover, the proper demarcation of the zone, which coupled with a high quality road network, greatly benefits the residents. The roads are well tarred, while a few remaining streets are still under construction.

There are also quite a number of high quality and affordable educational institutions in and around Haatso, which offer good services to the people from all around Ghana. They are both public and private institutions. Here is the list of schools that are near the area:

You can be certain that you and/or your loved ones do not have to travel too far to access quality education.

All those features have contributed to the growth of Haatso as a residential area and aided in driving up demand for purchasable homes in the zone.

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