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The Benefits of Renting A House in Accra

houses for rent in Accra

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Greater Accra region is the second most populated region in Ghana after Ashanti Region. However, it is the smallest region in terms of geographical size. The population growth is a direct result from people constantly migrating to the capital of the region, which is also the capital city of the nation, as there is a lot of job opportunities here.

Accra is the most developed city in Ghana. This is due to a large amount of investment by both government and private businesses. High-quality roads, supply of portable water, and high tension cables for electricity, all of these ensure that life in the city is very comfortable.

Many developments in the city have led to a good infrastructure, one can see from the well-tarred roads with streetlights and pedestrian pavements. Traveling around the city is very pleasant! There are also a large number of bus stations and various means of public transport making sure that reliable transportation is provided at an affordable cost to the general public. The country’s only international airport, Kotoka International Airport, is located here. This airport is the gateway to other countries in the world.

The city of Accra has numerous options when it comes to entertainment. From football arenas for the ardent football fans, pubs, restaurants, to nightclubs for those who enjoy nightlife. There are also many tourist attractions and beaches that are ready to amuse everyone

All these features have led Accra to become one of the most premier locations when it comes to property ownership in Ghana.

Some Knowledge before Renting Your Dream House

2 bedroom apartment Modern Kitchen

There are a large number of real estate companies and property owners looking to make a splash in the property market. The types of houses are apartments, fully detached,semi-detached and compound houses. These houses are usually constructed from sandcrete blocks and connected to basic amenities, like water and electricity. You should consider which type of a house is the best type for your family!

As more people move into Accra, prices of houses have gone up to match the increase in demand, especially since supply hasn’t been able to keep up. The prices are even higher in prime residential areas like Airport Residential and Cantonments. As the prices of these houses have gone up more and more, people are looking to offer their houses for rent rather than for outright sale. This is especially true for popular options such as a 3 - 2 bedroom house for rent in Accra. The cost of houses for rent in prime areas start at the low GH₵150 and the high GH₵15,000 per month.

Many of these houses come with furniture, water reservoirs, and backup generators, which can increase the rental fee. Some of those homes even come with electric fencing to boost the security of the house. All these choices ensure that a majority of people in Accra have a lot of options to choose from, in terms of real estate.

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