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House for Rent in Labone

Looking for a Calm and Serene Place to Live? Labone is it! 

Labone is located next door to Osu and is one of Accra’s main residential neighbourhoods. However, unlike Osu with its bustling streets and constant activity, Labone is one of the rather calmer neighbourhoods in Ghana. A mixture of different residential housing ranging from flats, through to detached and semi-detached houses, Labone provides one of the most serene areas to live in Ghana. Throw into this mix a sprinkling of commercial properties as well as embassies and you have a very unique location.

One of major headaches of the average Ghanaian is the traffic situation in many parts of Accra. Labone however has one of the best records when it comes to less congested traffic. A well-constructed and laid out road network ensures that movement of vehicles from the neighbourhood to adjoining parts of the city like Labadi and Osu is relatively easy. This enables home owners to easily attend to their functions in other parts of the city and reduces the commute time, especially when compared to other places like Spintex Road. The ease in locomotion is an aspect that greatly encourages property seekers to strongly consider Labone as an option when looking to rent or buy a house.

Rent a House in Labone

Houses for Rent at Labone

Another strong consideration is the presence of educational institutions within or close to the neighbourhood. Numerous schools can be found in Labone and the most notable amongst these is the Labone Secondary School. There are also numerous private schools in the Cantonments area, which is quite close to Labone.

In terms of amenities like electricity and water, Labone is connected to the national grid and this ensures supply to the rental housing from Ghana’s respective water and electricity producers. Most houses for rent however have backup generators and water storage units to help combat the shortages which regularly plague the nation.

Anyone looking to rent houses in Labone will have to either deal directly with the landlord or with a real estate agent. Here, a monthly rent is negotiable and payable upon agreement between both parties. Houses for rent start at around GH₵3,000 a month and can go as high as GH₵20,000 a month. The price depends on a number of factors including the number of bedrooms, the age of the house, as well as the facilities provided by the landlord.


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