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Land for Sale in Accra Ghana - Jumia House

Benefits of Having a Land in the Capital City

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In terms of infrastructure and social amenities, Accra is by far the most developed city in all of Ghana. A look around the city reveals numerous characteristics, which make living in the city relatively easy. Those characteristics are, for example high quality roads, supply of portable water, and high tension cables providing electricity to everyone. They all make life in Accra a lot easier!

Transportation in the city is provided by a combination of public buses, popularly called "Trotro", taxis, and more recently motorcycles. All these are available for a reasonable price! They do make movement around the city convenient. This convenience is also aided by the presence of various bus stations.

Roads and streets in the city are mostly well tarred and are equipped with streetlights and traffic lights. The country’s only international airport, The Kotoka International Airport, is also located in Accra.

Although, Accra is the smallest region in terms of its physical and geographical size, it is the second most populous city in Ghana after Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. The population size is mainly affected by the constant migration of people to the city in search of job and business opportunities.

The city has a vast array of entertainment options. From football stadia, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, a zoo, cultural sites, to beaches. However, those are just examples. There are many more entertainments and activities ready to be discovered in Accra.

Owning Land Property in this Amazing City

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Accra has become one of the most premier locations for property ownership in Ghana. Many agencies and property owners are all looking to grab a piece of the lucrative property market and constantly building and looking to acquire lands to facilitate their house for sale, apartment for sale in accra, and office building activities. Just like other city centres in the world, land in the central areas of Accra is difficult to acquire and very expensive. However, as the city grows and expands, more and more land is available in new and developing communities for relatively less than in prime or central areas.

Land in Accra starts from GH₵5,000 to as high as GH₵750,000 per plot. It is, however, worth noting that land in Ghana cannot be bought outright. It is rather leased for a period of time, a maximum of 99 years for Ghanaians and not more than 50 years for foreigners, both renewable upon expiration.

Land is recognized worldwide as one of the safest possible investments for an individual or company. This is due to the fact that it rarely devalues and is able to be used for a variety of purposes.

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