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Apartment for Rent in Osu

Osu- Accra’s Mixed Use Neighbourhood

One of Accra’s main and busiest areas, Osu is located just a few kilometres to the east of Accra’s central business district. Popularly known as “The West End” of Ghana, Osu is a lively and colourful mixture of both commercial and residential buildings. These buildings sport both modern and colonial architecture which help give the neighbourhood its unique flavour. The location was established as a settlement around the Christianborg Castle which was a Danish fort during the colonial period.

Osu has one of the best road networks in Accra, and the flow of vehicular traffic in the area is relatively smooth. The exception to this is the Oxford Street where traffic can build up quickly. This is mainly as a result of the large number of businesses along the street and in that area, leading to a vast majority of commuters using this route.

The Osu neighbourhood is constantly developing since more and more businesses are constantly moving into the area in an attempt to take advantage of the large number of potential customers. Numerous restaurants, casinos and small businesses line the streets of Osu.

An Assortment of Apartments to Choose from!

Furnished Apartments for Rent in Osu

The buildings consists of a finely balanced mixture of low rise apartment buildings, detached and semi-detached houses. These offer accommodation to various residents. From indigenous residents, to people who have moved into the area from other parts of Ghana, to foreign citizens living in the area.

Apartments for rent are in high demand in Osu and this is due to several reasons. One reason is, Osu is a desirable location for people to live in and there exists a high level of prestige associated with owning or renting property in the neighbourhood.

These rental flats, which are usually low rise in nature, are constructed from sandcrete blocks and are usually furnished. They mainly cater to mid to high income earners. Some of the rental housing are equipped with other amenities apart from the basic water and electricity. These include satellite television, security services, cleaning services and internet connection. They can be as small as 1 bedroom apartments for rent and the bigger ones are mostly 3 bedroom apartments

Due to the level of services and the area’s prestige, an apartment for rent in Osu tends to command a high price as compared to other parts of Accra like East Legon. Rental prices for these flats can be as low as GH₵1,000 a month and as high as GH₵15,000 per month. 

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