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Economically Busy Spintex Road

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Spintex Road was once one of the premier industrial areas in Accra. It was an expanse of numerous factories and production focused buildings. This led to the zone being one of the main commercial hubs of Ghana. The first residential property owners at Spintex Road were people who worked either in the area or close by. A lot of people working in the Tema neighbourhood also moved to Spintex due to the fact that a road, which connected the two areas, had been constructed. As the road network was expanded to connect to other parts of Accra, more people started to move into the area since the rental and purchase costs of apartments and houses were relatively more affordable than say East Legon and Tema.

Regardless of the several residential properties that have sprung up, the Spintex Road area is still a very industrial area, with a large number of commercial activities and properties. The presence of several residential and commercial properties has led to a rapid increase in the number of vehicular traffic in the area. Resulting in traffic being highly erratic, and the place experiencing more than the occasional traffic build up. However, this factor has not deterred many business and commercial industries from moving into the neighbourhood.

Rental Warehouses Available

The Different Properties Available for Business.

Commercial properties at Spintex Road consist mainly of warehouses for rent, office space for rent and factories. These are mostly owned or rented by companies who have their businesses located in or around Spintex. However, enterprises at nearby locations like East Legon and Tema often also rent commercial properties like warehouses for the storage of their products. Businesses also looking to expand have the option of renting office spaces at the Spintex area as this represents an economically rich zone with a lot of profit potential.

Commercial properties to let in Spintex differ widely in terms of rental charges. Warehouses tend to go for around GH₵5,000 to GH₵15,000 a month depending on size, while offices in the area demand about GH₵2,000. Most landlords charge rent for spaces on a per square meter ratio, and it is up to the customer to negotiate for a good price.

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