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The Benefits of Owning a Plot of Land in the Booming Area!

Land for Sale in Accra

The area was originally an industrial area with numerous factories and warehouses. Spintex Road has rapidly developed into a mixed-use locality with a blend of industrial, administrative and office, and residential properties, which are houses and apartments. A majority of the properties were owned and occupied by people who worked in and around the Spintex Road area. However, as the city of Accra has expanded, more people have moved into the area and they don’t necessarily work in or around the area.

The roads in this area are developed and still developing rapidly. They connect Spintex Road with other main areas of the capital city, Accra. These roads are tarred and make driving on them smooth and pleasurable. The traffic in this area has gotten a little bit difficult due to the congestion as business and residents have increased, but the living quality remains top notch here.

Although the traffic situation isn’t the best but this hasn’t managed to deter people looking to either move to or acquire property Spintex Road. This has also led to a large number of estate development agencies moving into the area and looking to develop properties to sell in an attempt to take advantage of the rising demand.

Land Property at Spintex Road

Protect your Rights when Buying a Land at Spintex Road

As anyone would tell you the first and probably most important step to developing any property is to acquire the land, which to develop the property. There are numerous lands in prime locations at the Spintex Road, which can be acquired for development purposes. Lands at Spintex Road go for anything between GH₵4,000 per plot and about GH₵4,000,000 for an acre of land.

Lands at the Spintex Road fall under the jurisdiction of the Ghana Lands Commission and any land related transaction has to be registered with them. It is very important when one seeking to buy land, one should visit the Lands Commission so the proper paperwork can be filed and the transaction confirmed and properly documented. This also helps to prevent the numerous cases of land fraud, which occur frequently to unsuspecting buyers. It also helps buyers confirm exactly how many years the land title will be valid for since all lands are held in lease by owners with the lessor being the Ghana government.

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