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Apartments for Rent in West Legon

Rent an Apartment in Popular West Legon.

West Legon is one of the most popular of the older neighbourhoods in Ghana. It has quickly grown into one of the most flourishing and high class residential areas in Accra. It is close to the University of Ghana and is just a few kilometres to the north of Accra. Its closest neighbours are Achimota and Tesano. Residents of West Legon are mainly the affluent, in the middle and high class of the Ghanaian society.

West Legon is one of the relatively safer neighbourhoods in Ghana. This is due to the fact that security in the area is prioritized by its residents. Most of the inhabitants hire private security firms to provide services to their homes. This, coupled with security features such as barbed wire on walls and burglar proof gadgets on windows and doors, help protect residents and their homes from criminals. Safety in the area is further boosted by the presence of the West Legon Police Station.

Reasons Why You Should Rent Here.

Furnished Apartments Available, West Legon

There are numerous amenities available in the neighbourhood. Flats and houses for rent and sale, are connected to electricity and water from the public mains supplied by the respective national providers. Most rental apartments and houses however have back-up generators and water storage units to help combat the shortages which are prevalent in the country. The road network in the neighbourhood is very good and easily on par with neighbourhoods like Abelemkpe and Dzorwulu. There are also numerous schools within and close to West Legon, and this helps reduce commute time for residents.

The apartments for rent are mainly constructed from sandcrete blocks and are usually raised to three or four stories. These rental units are a great alternative for potential residents who want to move into West Legon but do not want a full sized house. Most of the flats for rent also come with added amenities as incentives such as internet connection or fully furnished. It is no surprise then that apartments in the West Legon neighbourhood cost a pretty penny.

Renting an apartment in West Legone, one would be expected to incur a rental charge that is as low as GH₵1,500 and as much as GH₵7,500 a month. These prices are mostly influenced by factors such as the quality of the housing unit, its design, age, number of rooms, size of compound e.t.c.


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