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House for Rent in West Legon

West Legon : Accra’s Convenient Neighbourhood

Mainly occupied by the affluent and high class of Ghanaian society as well as a healthy dash of foreign nationals and expatriates, West Legon has quickly grown into a flourishing residential area in Accra. Located a few kilometres north of Accra’s central business district and close to the University of Ghana, the area is considered one of the more prominent of residential areas. Other areas that are near West Legon include North Legon, Haatso and Achimota.

The neighbourhood has seen its popularity increase as more and more prominent Ghanaians have moved into the area. West Legon is an extremely well planned neighbourhood with modern houses for sale and rent, some greenery, and lovely streets lined with streetlights to help with security in the evenings. The relative safety of the neighbourhood is one of the main pulls that brings people to the area. Additionally, the presence of schools close to or in the neighbourhood serves as an extra convenience to residents with children. This is an added advantage to the parents because the travel time to and from school is greatly reduced. Other necessities that can be found within the neighbourhood include recreational amenities such as restaurants and bars, clinics, banks and other small businesses.

Beautiful Rental Home in West Legon

Features of the Rental Houses 

Houses for rent in this community are connected to basic amenities like water and electricity. However, due to the dominant water and electricity problems in Ghana, it is not surprising to find most of the rental houses are equipped with generators and back up water tanks or underground water reservoirs.

Detached houses for rent are the most prominent types of property in the area. This is due to the fact that most of the residents prioritize on privacy from their neighbours. Built with sandcrete blocks, houses for rent are usually single storey or two storey buildings with glass or louver windows and aluminium roofing sheets.

Being a high class area, it is entirely understandable that houses in the West Legon area will cost a pretty penny. Houses for rent in the area cost around GH₵2,000 and can get as high as almost GH₵12,000. It is worth mentioning that the higher costing rental houses usually have extra amenities like swiming pools and internet services which help justify the cost.

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