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Houses in Prampram

Reasons Why You Should to Invest in Prampram

Prampram is one of the numerous new neighbourhoods springing up in the Greater Accra region in recent times. Its rise in popularity as a residential location can be attributed to the high cost of acquiring property in central Accra. It is also due to an increase in the willingness of people to live in locations which were previously seen as not very hospitable.

The rise of Prampram’s appeal among home seekers is further associated with the government’s plans to construct an airport, a sea port and the Hope City. Additionally, the proposal to setup a technology park which consists of numerous residential and commercial buildings, and other facilities in the area.

Establishing A Home in Prampram : Houses Available

The rapid rate of development has given rise to a lot more people looking to acquire property in the Prampram area. This has been influenced by the fact that people no longer view it as an out of Prampram Houses for Sale& Renttouch poor neighbourhood. One reason for the change in perception is the provision of various utilities as well as the numerous features on offer in the location. Water and electricity is supplied to the community via means of connections to the public mains.

The road network in the area has also been improved with government planning to enforce further improvements. Hence, making it easier for residents of houses and aparments, and land owners to easily transit to and from the neighbourhood. Other future plans include the establishment of a university, schools, hospitals and sporting facilities. This has led to a large number of people viewing Prampram as a desirable location, almost similar to the likes of East Legon, Spintex and Adjiringanor.

People looking for accommodation in the Prampram neighbourhood have the option of buying or renting a house to meet their accommodation needs. Naturally, houses tend to provide more space and privacy as compared to other residential options. The homes in Prampram tend to be fully detached and come with large compounds and sturdy walls. The walls are usually topped with barbed wire or electric fencing in order to prevent unwanted entry. Houses for sale in the area start at around GH₵200,000 but can rise quickly depending on the features that come with the property.

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