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Why Prampram ?

Land for Sale in Prampram

Located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, Prampram is a town which is currently experiencing a lot of development. As more and more properties are cropping up in the central parts of Accra and land has gotten more scarce, locations like Prampram, which are relatively new neighbourhoods, have provided potential home owners with alternative locations to move to. Other areas that have also benefited from the influx of property in Accra are like Tema, East Legon Hills and Adenta.

There are numerous development plans in place to make Prampram one of the major neighbourhoods in the Greater Accra Region. There are plans to build a new international airport, a new seaport, and the Hope City. All these developments are sure to increase investment in the area.

The rapid nature of developments has led to more and more people looking to own property in the area. One of the main resources that are being acquired by people is undeveloped plots of land. These pieces of land serve as a solid source of investment for these buyers, whether they are planning on developing the plots themselves, or to later re-sell them for a profit.

Beautiful Beachfront Plots for Sale

The Future is Bright- If you Invest in Prampram

Land is regarded as one of the safest forms of investment in the world. In most countries, Ghana included, land is constantly appreciating in price and hence a location like Prampram, will be very much worth the cost of investment.

Another major contributing factor to the future prospects of Prampram is the different kind of resources to be established in the Hope City. These include numerous offices, apartments, a university, schools, hospitals and sporting amenities. It is not a surprise then that with such a large number of investment opportunities,  people are looking to be part of the area's bright future and are buying or renting land in Prampram.

Prampram’s prime location and the numerous future developments that have been planned, has resulted in the cost of plots of land to increase at a steady rate. The cost of buying a parcel of land starts from around GH₵7000 and can go as high as GH₵250,000 depending on its exact location. It is without a doubt that land in Prampram can be considered a worthy investment, be it for building or resale.

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