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Tema: Ghana’s Industrial Hub

Commercial Property for Sale in Tema

Easily the largest and most influential of industrial areas in Ghana, Tema is really one of the main forces behind the growth of the Ghanaian economy. It is very much head and shoulders above the other industrial areas in Ghana, such as Spintex. This industrial growth was mainly promoted by the location of Ghana’s main seaport in the area.  A factor which has led to the creation of a large number of jobs, and as such increased the population in Tema area.

The large number of people, as well as the presence of numerous industries, has resulted in several businesses looking to move into the area to set up shop and take advantage of the potential market. The road network is excellent across most of Tema. This is attractive to enterprises since potential customers will not be deterred from travelling to their offices to transact business with them. The traffic situation in Tema is also quite bearable compared to other commercial areas in the city.

Owning a Business Premises in Tema

Buy Warehouse in Tema

There are numerous companies located in Tema. These include manufacturing industries, shipping industries which can be found mainly at and around the Tema Harbour, banks and other traditional service and product industries.  Tema is one of the prime commercial areas in Ghana, and its proximity to other trading areas like Accra help to make it one of the go to areas in the country. As such, a large number of commercial entities try to own office space and other commercial properties in the area. Additionally, the presence of the harbour encourages firms that do a lot of importation to either setup offices in the neighbourhood, or at the very least own warehouses there.

Tema being an industrial, importing and commercial hot spot, the demand for commercial properties is high. As a result, most of the properties for rent and sale are priced at a slightly higher cost than other areas in Ghana. Commercial properties such as offices for sale in the area can cost around GH₵300,000 to GH₵800,000. Buying a warehouses and business complex can cost anywhere between GH₵2,000,000 to GH₵10,000,000. Some warehouses have attached office complexes to them which makes it easier for some businesses to use.

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