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Land for Sale in Tema Community 25 is Particularly Popular

Land for sale in Tema

Tema is one of the main commercial and industrial hubs of the Ghanaian economy. It has grown in tandem with its economic rise to become one of the leading cities when it comes to property ownership in Ghana. This economic, industrial, and real estate growth has mainly been fuelled by the presence of the deep seaport in the city, which helps promote trade and other commercial activities in the area. Thus, agricultural land for sale in Tema has become particularly valuable as produce which can easily be shipped to distant markets.

Transportation in the area is facilitated by the presence of one of the best road networks in the country. Well tarred and pothole free, as well as strategically placed traffic lights ensure that vehicular traffic can move around in comfort. Taxis and public buses regularly ply the major roads offering transportation to residents.

The city has divided into numbered communities. The first residential properties is mainly provided by the Ghanaian government to help shelter workers who moved to Tema to take advantage of the numerous job opportunities. As the rate of migration increased, the institutions responsible for providing houses were unable to keep up with the demand for houses.

Why Many People Choose to Invest in Land for Sale in Tema

This has led a number of individual and property investors acquiring lands for putting more homes and apartments. At the same time, real estate companies moved into the city in an attempt to take advantage of the increase in demand for property.

Buy land in Tema

Another reason for this increased demand for land in Tema is that lands in the main parts of Accra have become scarcer and more expensive. Therefore, people are looking towards the new communities in the Tema area as options for settlement.

When purchasing land in Tema, it is important for buyers to take the necessary steps to ascertain the validity of the sale. Tema Development Corporation and Lands Commission are two of the government institutions that deal with land in the Tema area and as such prospective purchasers have to confirm their transactions with them. This is to ensure that due diligence is performed and that all legalities are covered.

Lands in Tema typical cost a minimum of GH₵5,000 per plot. Most of these lands are close to water and electricity connections ensuring that future buildings can be easily connected to these amenities. Lands in Tema serve as a great investment to people who are willing to purchase them.

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