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A Nation of Growth: Ghana

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Ghana’s population is very young, increasingly educated and family-focused. The country’s positive economic growth for the past ten years has resulted in more accessibility to housing. The youthful families and singles of the country are more interested in real-estate now than ever. This increased interest is the result of relatively higher incomes than in the past.

That said, the majority of the population are renters. All over the country in cities like Accra, Kumasi, Tamale and Ho, there are more renters than buyers. This is largely due to the relative difficulty of getting a mortgage. Therefore, most people rent, because they need to save up the money for a future purchase. This makes it much easier to find a place to rent as developers and housing owners are very receptive to families interested in renting.

Rent Multi-family Houses in Ghana

In Ghana, there are many types of houses including townhouses, single-family houses and multi-family houses. Each housing type has its benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your income, it may make sense to rent a smaller townhouse or a single-family house.

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If you are interested in buying something in the future, a larger rental can often be a wise choice as well. For smaller and medium-sized families, multi-family houses for rent in Ghana can help to save money each month through subletting of extra rooms and spaces. Much of the higher utilities and upkeep costs of renting larger multi-family homes can be passed on to tenants which can help renters save more money for future property purchases.

Rental Costs: Multi-family Houses in Ghana

Naturally, rental costs vary depending on the location of the property. The city of Accra is certainly the most costly of all the cities in Ghana, but is still relatively affordable for renters. In 2015, costs for medium to large-sized houses for rent in Accra ranged from GH 700 per month in the neighborhood of Spintex to GH 2,000,000 per month in the neighborhood of East Legon, which is a more affluent area.

Outside of Accra, in cities like Sunyani, Cape Coast and Kumasi rental costs drop considerably. In 2015 in Kumasi for example, many listings featured a monthly rent for a multi-family house of approximately GH 2,000. Although prices can fluctuate quite a bit from city to city, on the whole, houses in Ghana are affordable and easy to find.

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