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Waylead Company Ltd

Lashibi, Accra

Waylead Company Ghana Limited is a limited liability company that actively
engages in real estate development and management business in Ghana
through land acquisition, local partnership, and project financing.

The company is headquartered in Lashibi of the Greater Accra area. It is owned
by a consortium of international developers with extensive experience in the
business. Its affiliates boast a combined portfolio of over 23,000,000 ft2 of
residential, retail, and commercial development providing homes for thousands
and serving renowned clients.

Through tireless effort, we strive to make home ownership a reality for as many
prospective buyers as possible. We free our customers from the usual vexation
that comes with land acquisition in Ghana along with other risk associated with
budgeting and building. Our builders and suppliers are the most distinguished
contractors and reputable manufactures in the industry.

We always welcome contact with all individuals and organizations that would
like to work with us. Our current employees, partners, and suppliers include
local persons and entities, expatriates and international institutions, and
the Government of Ghana.

Waylead Company Ghana Limited is a registered member of the Ghana Real
Estate Developer Association.
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