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Takoradi, the nation’s primary port city, is located in the Western Region and is also the regional capital. It can be found 220 km away from Ghana’s greatest city and its capital: Accra. The city of Takoradi is imbibed with rich history, with various European countries setting up trading posts along its coast in the 15th Century. It was also a strategic location during World War I, with British fighter planes crossing through it to reach Egypt.

Houses for sale in Takoradi come in various forms, the most notable among these being the ‘compound houses’ which can accommodate five families on average. These houses were built to suit the traditional norms of Ghanaian society which espouse communality. Also worthy of mention is the penchant of many inhabitants to settle along the banks of the main roads in Takoradi.

The discovery of oil has led to a boom in the property market as well as a general increase in wealth along the Western Regional coast. Plush neighborhoods such as Anaji, Chapel Hill, Beach Road, West Tanokrom and Saw Mill have seen an upsurge in construction of homes. This is as a result of the influx in locals and expats to this region.

Climbing the Property Ladder

Sunset in Takoradi

Takoradi has a wide variety of property types on offer! Whether you are looking to buy or rent a house , a luxury apartment, commercial property or a beautiful plot of land, you are bound to find something in the perfect location for a price that suits you! You can find a two-bedroom house for sale going for about GH$190,000, a four bedroom house for about GH$700,000 and even a buy a home with fifteen bedrooms if required.

The oil city has an airport, making it convenient for those who want to travel to Accra or any of the other major cities in Ghana. The flight duration between Takoradi and Accra, for instance, is approximately 30 minutes.

Entertainment is ample in Ghana’s oil city. Vienna City Beach Resort, one of Takoradi’s most exciting, is a perfect relaxation spot for those looking to cool off in the sea as well as enjoying the sea breeze that accompanies the waves. The beach resort also has a bar and a restaurant on offer that serve both local and continental dishes. KQ Lunch Box is a highly entertaining spot that provides the services of a pub as well as that of a restaurant.

For most house-hunters, quality education is a major factor that informs their decision to settle on a given area. Takoradi boasts a number of top notch schools, namely Young Christian Preparatory School and Chapel Hill International School, to train the young minds and equipping them for the life ahead. Ghana Secondary Technical School, St. John’s Boys’ Senior High and Archbishop Porter’s Senior High are some of the top second cycle schools located in Takoradi.

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