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Land by the Ocean for Sale

Takoradi has always been one of the more important cities in Ghana. This is partially due to its size and the economic benefits the nation derives from it. The main factor behind this is the presence of Ghana’s first ever deep-water seaport, the Takoradi Harbour. This port is a main influencer in the city’s economic fortunes and that of the country. Today, the city is unrecognizable from its early years when it was just a small fishing town.

Takoradi has a wide and varied list of amenities and features which make it an ideal location for residential and commercial activities. Most parts of the city has access to electricity and portable water connections. There is also a strong police presence which helps facilitate security in the city. People looking to move around the city have the option of either using public buses or taxis. These convey people from location to location for a fee.

The main part of the area is filled with many vibrant activities. Restaurants, hotels, pubs and other businesses line the main streets. There are also numerous residential properties including detached and semi-detached houses, apartments and offices/shops. In the centre of all this is the market known as Market Circle, where a large number of goods and services can be found.

Residential Land for Sale

Land for Sale: A Worthy Investment 

There are quite a large number of property owners and estate agents in this location and one of the main real estate products they trade in is bare land. Empty plots for sale are essential to developers and individuals looking to put up property in the city. Unlike Accra, there seems to be relatively more land available for development inside this western part of Ghana.

Land for sale here is also generally cheaper when compared to places like Accra and Kumasi. This makes the location a ready alternative to these other cities as development would be relatively cheaper. The recent discovery of oil is also predicted to lead to a boom in the area’s economy. As a result, a large number of property stakeholders are focusing on investing in the real estate so as to get ahead of the potential increase in demand.

Acreage in Takoradi is sold for a wide range of prices depending on the demand in the specific location. However, for anything between GH₵10,000 to GH₵250,000, one can acquire a piece of land.

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